Removing the app from the watch

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The way to remove Wear OS (Android Wear) apps depends on which generation of watch you are using:
Generation 1 (Android Wear 2016 and before)
→ LG G Watch / Original Moto 360 / Sony SmartWatch 3 / Asus ZenWatch 1 etc.
On older watches Google’s Android Wear operating system is responsible for installing and removing watch apps automatically:
  • When you install an app on the phone, its Android Wear component is automatically installed (if exists)
  • When you uninstall an app, its watch component is supposed to be uninstalled automatically
This automatism however only works if there is a working connection between phone and watch at the time of the removal of the app. These older watches have a tendency to get disconnected from the phone. If you removed the phone app, but the watch app stayed on the watch this is what you can do:
  1. Install the Bubble Cloud app on the phone again
  2. Make sure the connection is working between phone and watch (check battery level in Google’s Android Wear app (which might have been renamed to “Wear OS by Google”)
  3. When the watch and phone are firmly connected, uninstall the Bubble Cloud app from the phone.
  4. The Google’s operating system should automatically remove the watch component
Unfortunately on these older watches there is no other way. User apps, such as Bubble Cloud have no control over the installation process, Google’s operating system is supposed to take care of it, but these older watches have a lot of connectivity problems. See my post on connectivity problems.
Please let me know if you need help with the connection, I use Android Wear since 2014 and have much experience in fixing connections. Please let me know which watch and which phone models do you have.
Generation 2 (Wear OS)
→ All newer watches: Huawei Watch, Fossil watches, LG Sport, LG Style etc.
In Android Wear 2.0 Google changed the way how watch apps are installed and uninstalled. (Android Wear is being renamed to “Wear OS by Google” just this week) In the new system the user has to install and uninstall the watch apps manually:
  • To install, there is a Play Store on the watch itself, where you can find the apps and install them on the tiny screen of the watch:
  • You can uninstall apps from the settings on the watch. I give you the steps below.
  1. Open settings on the watch
  2. Go to “Apps and notifications”
  3. Go to “App info”
  4. Open the info for “Bubble Cloud”:
  5. Tap “Uninstall

I hope this helps. Email me if you need specific help with connectivity problems.

Author: greg

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