Bubble Cloud complications

Open app drawer Open folder

Augment other watch faces

Showing bubbles Veil mode (ambient dimming workaround)  

Closing methods

Swipe to close Close via main button Auto close

Opening methods

Swipe in / Double tap edge Watch face complication Assign to hardware button Open Bubble Cloud app (useful on Android Wear 1.x)


In Android Wear 1.5 the system notified watch faces when so called peek-cards appeared and Bubble Clouds was able to reduce the size of the overlay to show the peek cards. Peek cards are gone in standard Android Wear 2.0 and the notification pop ups appear only for a brief few seconds. If the ambient watch–face is shown or while using other apps you will be able to see the pop ups, but the active bubble cloud overlay covers…

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States: active, inactive, ambient

Active vs. inactive vs. ambient screen The Bubble Cloud Watch Face works in three modes: Interactive mode – when swipes and long presses are captured by Bubble Clouds Inactive mode – when only taps…