Become a beta tester

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Step 1: Please rate the app

I assume you want to help my work because you are a fan of this project, however once you become a tester Google will not allow you to rate the app: if you like Bubble Clouds, please rate it before becoming a tester. There is too much negativity, we desperately need ★★★★★ ratings!

Step 2: Opt into beta test on Play Store


You can opt out anytime (using the same link above), after which you will only receive regular “stable” updates

Step 3: Wait

If there is a current beta test happening, Google Play on your devices will soon indicate an update being available. You can update in the regular manner.

Step 4: Enjoy

  • you will receive more frequent bugfix updates and early releases
  • I do my best to ensure beta tests are also stable
  • in case of any problems, beta testers get the fixes first

Step 5: Please give feedback

  • Contact me if you find any bugs, especially related to new features. This is what beta testing is for!
  • I am open to feature requests, improvement ideas. Many of the current feature set are based on suggestions by users of the app (the best forum to discuss feature requests is the Bubble Cloud subreddit)

Follow beta release notes and discussion

  • After Google’s failure regarding Google+ the discussion has to be moved away
  • You can follow on any of the social media platforms listed in the sidebar. Recommended:
  • You can follow #bubbeta on twitter to only get the beta related posts

Thank you!