Gift a TicPuck to a loved one (or even to yourself!)

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Special holiday edition with “Merry Xmas” printed on the bottom, if you are giving this as a Christmas Gift, now you also get a special one for the holidays.


Downloadable STL version (€2) if you have access to a 3D printer. Very easy print! (cults3D non-commercial license includes multiple variants).  Inquire about commercial license.

European Union

Email me to order, it takes about 10 days to get it to you, so it could get to you by Christmas.   If you order before Christmas you will get this extra Christmas variant thrown in for free!

Price: $12-15 with shipping depending on color. I can do almost any color, let’s talk about it! (black, white, gray, red, shades of green, shades of blue, yellow, orange, glow in the dark, marble, sparkling gold, various silk colors etc)


Please note, the special holiday edition is not available in the USA, please use our ebay link to order other colors. BUY on Ebay (USA)


Author: greg

the dev