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Translation project

Existing translations

cs Czech CS Phone strings(20%) CS Watch strings(20%) CS Common strings(20%)
el Modern Greek EL Phone strings(20%) EL Watch strings(10%) EL Common strings(20%)
es Spanish, Castilian ES Phone strings(80%) ES Watch strings(90%) ES Common strings(90%)
fi-rFI Finnish FI-RFI Phone strings(20%) FI-RFI Watch strings(10%) FI-RFI Common strings(20%)
hx Hungarian (saját) HX Phone strings(90%) HX Watch strings(90%) HX Common strings(90%)
it Italian IT Phone strings(80%) IT Watch strings(80%) IT Common strings(90%)
ja Japanese JA Phone strings(20%) JA Watch strings(10%) JA Common strings(20%)
ko Korean KO Phone strings(10%) KO Watch strings(10%) KO Common strings(20%)
pl Polish PL Phone strings(90%) PL Watch strings(90%) PL Common strings(90%)
sk-rSK Slovak SK-RSK Phone strings(10%) SK-RSK Watch strings(10%) SK-RSK Common strings(20%)
sv Swedish SV Phone strings(10%) SV Watch strings(10%) SV Common strings(20%)
th Thai TH Phone strings(0%) TH Watch strings(0%) TH Common strings(0%)

Please email me (bcwhelp@gmail.com) before you start to participate. If all moduls of a language go above 50% I promise to add the language to the beta version of the app.
Thank you for all your help

Add a new translation for: -r (optional region code)

This translation tool is powered by PASTT: PHP Android String Translation Tool under Apache License 2.0