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Key English Korean (ko)
drag_bar Mistouch filter:
Please drag
phone_app_name ► Note CommonX
call_failed Call failed: Please check number / signal.
message_sent Message sent.
message_failed Message NOT sent. Please check signal / number.
gmail_failed Email NOT sent. Please check your handheld: authorize app to connect to Gmail.
FULL_SCREEN_CLOCK Full screen clock
ringModeBubble Ring mode Bubble
lightBubble Flashlight Bubble
clockBubble Clock Bubble
phoneBubble ► Note Find my Phone Battery Bubble
wifiBubble Phone Wifi Bubble (on → off → hotspot)
okBubble Voice Search
enable_auto_lock Long tap to toggle auto-lock
brightness_bar Brightness bar
fully_charged Ring phone when watch charged 100%
update_key Please update the Premium Key App to the latest version
updated_key This version of the app has expired. Please update to the latest version!
title_bubble_image Bubble image
outline Outlined ambient
assigned_to_neither Not assigned
wifiBubblePart → hotspot
phoneBubblePart Find my
bigClock Full clock only
mergeFavs One merged cloud (+dim wface)
stepbubble Step count bubble
datebubble Date bubble
nofolder ► Note No %s in folders
sync Syncing Bubble Clouds…
margin Margin:
size_variance Size variance:
background Background:
long_click_to_move Long press ⊕/⊖: move bubble favorite ↔ archive
uniform_color Uniform color:
different_version_phone Bubble Cloud app on the Watch has been updated, please update phone too.

Open Play Store
apply Apply
apply_all Apply all
style_play_store More Theme Packs in Play Store…
title_wear_quick_styles 1-Click Themes
style_use_font Use font in all bubbles
restore_defaults Restore defaults
wf_appearance Bubbles:
wf_minute_color Background by minute of the hour
wear_instructions_watchface_drawer Set another watch-face to use app-drawer mode.
lockBubble Touch-lock bubble
stand_up_reminders Stand up Alert
on ON
off OFF
assign_live_info Assign Live-info
font Font:
advanced_title Expert
wf_charge Rotate on charger:
all_watch_battery All: battery level
all_steps All: steps progress
all_weather All: current weather
ambient_color Ambient bubble colors
ambient_bubbles Ambient bubbles
keep_drawer Auto close app-drawer
fade_drawer ► Note Drawer transition
drawer_solid Solid
drawer_transparent Transparent
drawer_fade Fading (choppy?)
show_live_info Bubbles show LiveInfo (battery!)
merge_small_clouds Merge smaller clouds
timer_summary Timer (ambient+seconds)
delete Delete
long_function Long press button:
long_default Default (Assistant)
long_theater Dimmed \"Theater\" mode
long_lock Unlock/lock touchscreen
long_sun Sunlight mode
long_drawer Open app drawer
long_beep ⚠️ Accidental push alert
long_double Press again:
long_none No 2nd function
auto_close_tip ► Note Transp fav bgrd to always keep
long_assign Long tap any bubble to assign
app_info App Info…
app_store Play Store page…
intro_locks Forced-timeout
intro_sticky Always sticky open
auto_sticky_note Auto-sticky: app will always open in sticky-mode (=pinned)
auto_exit_note Forced-timeout: do not let app keep screen on (=back to watch-face after 20sec →30,60,90)
peek2 Show peek-bubbles
peek2hint Uncover lower 3rd on wake
left_swipe Override swipe to change face
left_swipe_hint Bubble Cloud must be leftmost item in watch face picker (Long press on it in picker)
override_left Override left swipe (Google Assistant)
override_right Override right swipe (Google Fit)
drawer_left top-left,
drawer_right top-right,
bottom=Google Fit
show_hide Bubbles/Timer: Show↔Hide
show_hide_summary Assign to button:
reset_color Reset color
always_rotate Always rotate favorites
rotate_hint Note: Other info will not rotate
wf_defcloud Place new apps:
wf_def_a1 -1: archive far
wf_def_a5 -5: archive middle
wf_def_a9 -9: archive near
wf_def_h 0: hidden
wf_def_f +1: favorites if fits
close_drawer_on_start Close drawer on start
hide_toasts Hide helpful hints
hide_toasts_hint Only long time users should hide these \"toast\" messages
dim_level Theater mode dimming
dim_25 25% dim less
dim_50 50% default
dim_75 75% dim more
dim_100 100% black (but active)
watch_battery Watch battery
unread_count Unread cards
unread_total Unread/total
total_cards Total cards
sunrise_sunset Sunrise/set
timerWF Long tap clock
how_to_remove <big><b>How to remove</b></big><small>

</small>Google\'s new persistent notification:
android_system_notifications Android System notifications
folder_not_empty Folder hidden. Cannot delete: not empty.
folder_not_empty2 Cannot delete: not empty.
folder_label Folder
configure_appearance Folder layout, colors…
layouts Layout:
text_color Text color:
permission_fail Failed: requesting permission on phone
full_clock_on_charger Full clock on charger
complication_bubble Complication bubble
charger_sound Charger sounds
charger_sound_hint on plug/unplug&lt;100&#37;
weekly_sample ► Note Each week get a different paid 1-click theme for free!
alt_exit_theater Triple-tap screen to unlock
quick_panel_left Quick ◄ swipe panel
quick_panel_right Quick ► swipe panel
no_quick_panel no quick panel
vol_assistant volume + voice search
vol_start volume + quick open
start_app quick open: %.15s
assign_to_quick_panel Assign to quick swipe panel
disable_quick_panel Disable quick swipe panel
change Modify
auto AUTO
title_activity_contact Contact Bubbles
flashlight Flashlight bubble
never Never
always Always
flower Petal options around bubble
smarthome SmartHome bubbles
global Follow central setting
petals Petals
wf_swipes Priority for Active cloud
wf_swipes_confirm If disabled, the only way to switch to the active cloud is by tapping the clock bubble. Disable
btBubble Phone Bluetooth Bubble
sticky_big Larger sticky tab
sticky_big_hint Long press tab to exit sticky mode
gestures Wrist/crown gestures
gestures_hint Scroll/peek-card/folders (beta)
gestures_reminder Enable wrist-gestures in WearOS Settings too! (Not compatible with \"OK Google\")
long_press_background_icon Tip: long press image icon to change color behind image background
status Status
diff_time Clocks not synced
diff_time_hint Enable only if commands fail between phone and watch. This bypasses the 3-minute deadline.
unread_dot Unread indicator dot on watch face
status_icons Status indicators on watch face
extra_corners ► Note Corners:
extra_center Center:
retry Retry
switch_clock Toggle Analog/Digital
max_bubbles Number of bubbles:
show_0 Show icon even if no notifications
phone_settings Settings on phone
phone_settings_hint Colors, blacklist, options…
notification_bubble Notification Bubbles
show_badge Icon badges if multiple have same icon
notification_filter Manage notification filters
no_effect Warning: no current effect (%s %s)
disabled disabled
enabled enabled
overrid_colors Override
themed_bubble Bubble theme
double_tap_clock 2×tap clock
press_button2 Press button 2
double_press_button2 2⨯ press button 2
press_button3 Press button 3
double_press_button3 2⨯ press button 3
assign_shortcut Assign shortcut:
shortcuts Shortcuts
and and
show_hide_hint * If your watch has customizable buttons: assign
show_hide_hint2 using the standard setting or utility:
timerAD Tap clock
remap_voice_assist ► Note Method \"H\"
remap_voice_assist2 Workaround for Wear OS \"H\" to override long press. Please test!
ambient_not_visible Warning: no ambient bubbles (you chose to only have the clock in ambient mode under Watchface settings)
default_action Default action
do_nothing Do nothing
select_action Select action: call or text
select_next Select next option (command is sent after you set all toggles)
progress_meter Progress indicator:
ring Ring
red_green Colors: 🇬🇳
green_red Reverse: 🇲🇱
ring_color Ring + 🇬🇳
ring_color2 Ring + 🇲🇱
layout_classic Bubble Cloud classic
layout_standard Wear OS standard
info Info
pointer Pointer:
scale Scale:
gauge Gauge
xred_green Colors: red→green
xgreen_red Reverse: green→red
xring_color Ring + red→green
xring_color2 Ring + green→red
debug_smart_home Smart Home debug messages
force_smart_home Force HTTP via phone
select_number Select which number to use
select_email Select which address to use
ambient_black Ambient background always black
harm_oled Warning: if in ambient mode over 5% of pixels are lit the OLED display will get damaged
words_lines Lines:
words_hours Hours
words_minutes Minutes
thin_font Thin font:
missing_chars Incompatible font
missing_font Font substitution (missing characters)

Fonts in \"Text\" Theme Pack #12 are the most complete.
text_theme_pack ► Note Missing \"Text\" Theme Pack / Plugin
pack12_content Get theme pack on Google Play

7 themes / fonts
11 languages
words_words Text clock:
language Language:
vertical_hint_via_tile Open drawer via
► complication,
► tile, or
► shortcut button press
vertical_drawer Vertical
⚠️ No handle
app_settings Bubble Cloud
tile_assign Assign to tile:
tile_incl_opener Include drawer opener bubble \"more\"
tile_incl_config Include folder config bubble \"more\"
tile_this This folder
tile_other Other folder [%s]
tile_no_folder_hint Long press bubbles to move to this tile
tile_folder_hint Long press folder bubble to assign to this tile
more more…
tile_label Folder / App drawer
live_info_hint LiveInfo hint icons
cloud_settings Clouds of bubbles
v961_screen_timeout Drawer timeout:
v961_force_overlay Use overlays
v961_force_overlay_hint Recommended: \"ON\"
v961_watch_video Watch video
v961_just_enable Yes, I understand: enable overlays
v961_force_overlay_watchface Please allow Bubble Cloud to <b>draw over other apps</b>, for the active watch face to show up 3 times quicker
v961_force_overlay_appdrawer Allow Bubble Cloud to <b>draw over other apps</b>, for the app drawer to open 3 times quicker
v961_overlay_need_for_2x Enable overlays for double-tap detection
v961_overlay_always_sticky or long press bubbles to set \"%s\"
v961_more_info More info…
v961_permission_theater_mode <b>Draw over other apps:</b>
to create the touch prevention overlay
v961_permission_sticky <b>Draw over other apps:</b>
to show the sticky open tab on the top of the screen
v961_permission_force_exit <b>Draw over other apps:</b>
to show the forced-timeout tab on the top of the screen
v961_long_press_again Long press again to clear list (no undo!)
v961_vertical2 Vertical
v961_folders_via_tile You can still access folders via
► complication,
► tile, or
► shortcut button press
v961_long_press Long press
draw_over_0_labl Bubble Cloud is displaying over other apps
draw_over_1_text If you don’t want Bubble Cloud to use this feature, tap to open settings and turn it off.
draw_over_2_open Open
draw_over_3_syst Android System notifications
draw_over_4_1of2 1 of 20 notification categories from this app
hour24 24h
hour12 12h
hour24down 0:00 ↓
get_pack13 Get Pack #13 for a collection of 24-hour clock styles (under %s)
update_pack_12h Update pack for 12 hour option
v964_clock_active Active mode
v964_clock_inactive Inactive + ambient mode
v965_add_theme Create theme
v965_save_theme Save theme
v965_my_themes My themes
v965_custom_themes Custom themes
v965_select_all ► Note Symbols toggle columns
v965_custom_theme Custom theme
v965_aquired Theme acquired:
v965_colors Colors:
v965_delete_theme Remove theme?
v965_delete_theme_hint Custom theme will be erased from phone and watch (no undo!)
v965_missing_theme Outdated app or corrupted data. Check for update in Play Store!
v965_theme_include Store the style of:
watchface_analog Analog
watchface_digital Digital
v965_undo Undo apply
v966_tile_delay ► Note Delay tile update to avoid lag:
v967_thank_you Your support means a lot. Thank you!
v967_buy_coffee Buy me a coffee
v967_coffee_error Problem with in-app-purchases. Please try later.
v967_pre_coffee Premium features are activated on all your current and future devices.

I have been adding functionality to the app (ever since 2014). Thank you for considering to further support my efforts!
beep Beep (never in DND)
v970_hotspotBubble Wifi hotspot on/off
v975_create_bubble Theme-bubble
v975_nothing_selected Nothing selected
v975_update_theme Update theme
v975_cannot_delete_theme ► Note Cannot delete until linked theme-bubbles are removed. Find theme-bubble
clockformat3 date
clockformat4 Tue
clockformat5 Jan
clockformat6 D Jan
clockformat7 time
clockformat8 24:mm
clockformat9 24|m
clockformat10 12:mm AM
clockformat11 12|m AM
clockformat12 12:mm
clockformat13 12|m
clockformat14 D/M
clockformat15 M/D
clockformat16 D-M
clockformat17 M-D
clockformat18 Jan D
clockformat20 minutes
clockformat22 AM
clockformat25 month
clockformat26 year
clockformat27 day
v977_remove_bubble Remove bubble
v980_non_system_alarm Bring alarm to foreground
off_until Until:
v983_info_rows Text fields:
v983_top_info_row Top text field
v983_bottom_info_row Bottom text field
v983_content Field content:
v983_action Tap action:
v983_show_ambient Show in ambient
v983_use_font Use theme font (if supported)
v983_vertical_shift Vertical shift:
v983_bold_text Bold font
v983_show_field Show text field
v983_edit_field Field settings
v984_location_why_sunset App needs to query your coarse geolocation (=city) in the background to calculate sunrise / sunset always at your actual location.

The information is not collected or sent to any server, only used on your device.

v988_stationary Fixed background (same as for Favorites) - only icons move
v989_split_by_weight ► Note Split by weight
v989_split_by_weight_hint Bubble weights:
6–9 top
1–4 bottom
v990_set_favorites_bg ► Note Clock fills the screen: set favorite cloud (watch face) background color instead
v991_hands_over_bubbles ► Note Hands over bubbles
v992_complication_label ► Note Complication provider
v992_complication_no_label Complication (no label)
v992_long_press_remove_custom (Long pressed) Custom item removed
v992_tasker_plugin Tasker plugin
v995_gesture_reminder_GW4 Wrist gesture detection on Galaxy Watch 4 only works when always-on display (AOD) is enabled!
v996_tasker_battery ► Note Tasker on charger/battery
v996_tasker_battery_toggle Open Bubble Cloud on the phone to activate/deactivate updated Tasker tasks
v996_tasker_battery_hint2 %1$s …or disable \"%2$s\" under \"%3$s\"
v997_direct2Peek ► Note Dual peek card
v997_direct2Peek_summary Complication + notifications
v997_direct2Peek_hint Peek card will show last notification from phone along with assigned long text complication
v998_primary_touch_control Touch control priority:
v998_low_power Low-power screen
v998_full_color Full-color screen
v1004_scheduled_dim_undim Scheduled ambient dimming
v1004_scheduled_dim_hint If you dim watch face at night, it will undim at sunrise, and auto-dim same time next evening
v1004_actionable Actionable reminders with @[bubble]
v1006_aod_shift ► Note AOD shift radius
v1007_exitprimary_mode ► Note ⚠️ Exit primary mode
v1007_exitprimary_confirm You will have to double tap clock to exit primary mode. Single tapping the clock will have no effect!
v1014_battery_full ► Note Battery full alert
v1014_battery_full_hint Adjust media volume of the watch
v1015_bluetooth_permission Need permission to toggle Bluetooth. Proceed?
v1015_channel_prompt Action needed
v1017_delete_folder Delete folder
v1017_empty_folder Folder is not empty. Bubbles will be moved into parent folder / archive. Proceed
v1018_edge_complication Arc complications
v1018_edge_tl Top left
v1018_edge_tr Top right
v1018_edge_br Bottom right
v1018_edge_bl Bottom left
v1018_width Width:
v1018_rim_size Rim size:
v1018_clock_padding Shrink watch face
v1018_clock_padding_hint Make room on the rim for arcs
v1018_all4_hint (Long press→ toggle all 4)
v1018_ambient4 All 4 arcs in ambient mode:
v1018_all4 Toggle all 4 arcs
v1018_show_all Show all
v1018_hide_all Hide all
v1018_hide Hide
v1018_date Date
v1018_agenda Agenda
v1018_no_change No change
v1018_swap_colors Swap colors:
v1018_undo_copy Long press again to UNDO last color copy
v1018_undid Undid color copy
v1018_long_press_field_hint Tip: long press text field icons to toggle on/off
v1018_swap_copy_color Tap others to swap colors
Long press to copy color
v1018_arc360 Extend to fill 360°
v1018_arc360_hint Longer remaining arcs to fill gaps
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