Version 9.66: improved tile performance

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What’s new

  • Much improved tile performance (see details below)
  • Improved folder behaviour (see folders)
  • Corrected smaller custom theme related issues (see Version 9.65 relese notes for information on user saved themes)

See v9.66beta0..3 release notes for details
See Complete changelog v1.00 → v9.66 (5 years of development!)

Many thanks to Elias Cabrera for valuable feedback and extensive testing on Fossil Gen5.

Tile update

  • Removed unnecessary tile updates (track if anything related to the tile has changed since last update)
  • Defer tile update to avoid lag when accessing tiles (adjust delay under Watch:”Expert settings” or Phone:”More options”)

Bubble Cloud tile

Three options:

  1. Bubble Cloud settings tile

    The settings tile is also available in watch face mode: open various settings screens directly.

  2. Tile to open the Bubble Cloud app drawer

    See App drawer opening methods

  3. Add bubbles directly to the Bubble Cloud tile

See: Step by step – How to add bubbles to the Wear OS tile

Author: greg

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