Stable v10.27.4 update for Wear OS 4 Pixel & Galaxy

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What’s new

  • Wear OS 4 compatible tiles:
    • Favorite cloud
    • Settings tile
    • Folder tile
  • Rotary input added to every screen with visible scroll indicators
  • Black background and user controlled font size on all settings screens
  • Improved screen layouts in all languages
  • Improved Premium upgrade process
  • Increased compatibility with new standard Android icon packs
  • Improved non-overlay mode operation (Overlay mode is still recommended on Pixel watches)

We finally passed Google’s more rigulus Wear OS approval process, we are amongst the shrinking number of approved apps allowed on the platform. Bubble Cloud is currently the most sophisticated app on Wear OS, providing features that are unparalleled by any other app.

After close to 10 weeks trial and error and adjustments, I can now resume implementing meaningful improvements and adding requested features to the app. Thank God! (Not Google!) Hallelujah!

Author: greg

the dev