Changelog v1.00 → v10.19beta

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9 years of development!

Close to 4200 improvements over the years in over 1000 app-updates (650 beta + 350 production releases) since 2014…


+ new feature [1499]
* bug fix [1889]
~ change [532]
removed function [52]
= also affects widget-only app

Click version number 📑 to see detailed post on changes

+=prepared clock widget to handle new Theme Pack #14
~link to the detailed theme pack 14 page (
*update ambient mode date bubble as well
+youtube icon in Arc Complication section links to new video
~what’s new page shows new video (phone + watch)
+new option “Online help…” at the bottom of the Arc Complication section links to webpage
~updated analog themes in Arc Pack (improved low-power ambient mode)
~shared arc settings (width, margin etc) are not hidden for disabled arcs in the Arc Settings screen on the watch

+rim/inner arc complications  (via Theme Pack #14) [thank you: Alan Zeng]
+new “half+half split” smart auto layout variant if clock is shifted
+indicate exit/BACK functionality on top of settings screens on the watch
~Text fields and arc complications are now visible in ambient mode even if “full-clock only” is enabled
+long press detection on elements near the edges of the watch face in inactive mode
+in the favorite cloud settings screen you can long press text field circles to toggle text fields and arc/edge complications on/off without visiting their settings screen
+arc complication settings on the phone
*correct indicator arrow positions on rotated screens
~more bubbles fit in non-round split layouts
+extended theme pack parameters (ready for Theme Pack #14)
*custom theme restore archive layout unnecessarily prompted for pro for some layouts
*custom theme restored worded clock even when unselected
*merge_favs caused the wrong margin and text-field shift values to be used (since layout becomes AMORPHOUS)
*pointer wasn’t reset to default if a theme did not have a gauge pointer (it did reset the gauge itself)
*favorite settings on the watch should not hide text-field controls when full-clock-only is enabled
📑internal test 1: (version bump)
📑internal test 2:
*watch face sometimes did not go into low power ambient mode: optimized unnecessary watch face redraws
*arc complication width preview on the phone did not show correctly
*arc complication colors show when plugin is not installed
*better prompt to install wearable component of a missing theme pack on the watch
📑internal test 3:
*non-overlay mode clock bubble disappearing issue after exiting settings screens where we used preview (cause: delayed hidedrawer using updateview)
📑internal test 4:
+flip text in range type lower arcs as well
+internal phone battery widget (phone symbol): tap for instant refresh, double tap for “Find my phone” functionality
+internal watch battery widget (watch symbol): tap for instant refresh
📑beta 5:
+double tap internal watch battery complication to open Essential Mode settings on TicWatch (single tap to refresh)
📑beta 6:
+”clear theme” on watch will now turn off arcs and text fields as well, also reset date / clock bubble colors
*improved non-overlay mode watch face (disappearing clock / black watch face issues)
*improved date bubble layout
~if a 1-click theme contains a second hand it will be enalbed when applying the them

*updated Greek translation [big thank you to Nicolaos Alexandropoulos/ΝιϘολαοσ Αλεξανδροπουλοσ]
📑beta 1:
~don’t advertise overlay mode for Wear OS 3 users (OS warning no longer can be hidden, overlay might glitch on GW5Pro)
~increase phone battery sampling freq when phone is connected to charger [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]

+night vision watch face mode
*updated translation of some Hungarian strings
📑beta 1:
~=re-enabled AutoFit widget option on OneUI 4 [Rudolf Szita]
📑beta 2:
*=improved widget layouts with dimension “1” (1×1,N×1,1×N) [Rudolf Szita]
📑beta 3:
*=improved Polish translations [Adam Sitkiewicz]
+=new expert home screen widget option: “Random rotation after clicks” → rearranges the cloud after bubble clicks, even if all bubbles have same weight [Patrick Lam]
📑beta 4:
*watch silencer bubble did not work in app-drawer mode [Mark Davis]
📑beta 5:
+detect Galaxy Watch 5, Fossil Gen 6 plugins correctly [Mauro]
+we can now delete non-empty folders in Wear Cloud Editor (on the phone). Bubbles will be moved to the parent cloud (or app drawer) [2realist4u]

+prepare for targeting Android 12:
+BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission for bt toggle and wear bt toggle bubbles (notification, WearAppListActivity, BubbleEditActivity)
+Weather permission request notification (PendingIntent.Service→Activity)
*improve Battery Full Alert
~grouped settings under “More options” on the watch into 4 unfoldable categories: Usage, Behavior, Appearance, Power & control
+emphasized group heddings in Expert settings on the watch
📑internal test 1:
*=reallow launcher calibration under OneUI5 (reversed some of the changes for OneUI4)
*=optimized home screen widget update (eliminated unnecessary database access)
~=”rotating launcher” setting is no longer necessary in OneUI5 launcher (not auto-enabled, other versions and launchers need more testing)
*=improved widget size query in OneUI5 launcher
📑internal test 2:
+=new option “Widget size lock” when enabled, widget dimensions reported by the OS are only used when any widget is in “edit mode” (to avoid distortion by rogue values)
~=filter out errorneus widget dimensions reported by OneUI 5 launcher on orientation change in YouTube (filter off in “edit mode”)
*=adjust widget width reported by OneUI in 5.0 4×6 and 5×6 grid (wrong DPI)
📑internal test 3:
*RichImage export label problem when backgrounds total width was less than dials+hands width [Joseph Rubin]
~=AutoFit widget is enabled by default for Samsung OneUI 5.0 launcher
~=OneUI 5 wrong widget size filter sensitivity increased, with manual resize detection
~updated weather hollow bubble colors to include two shades depending on cloud / rain intensity (lighter colors mean lower intensity) [Joseph Rubin]
📑internal test 4:
*=background color extends to the edges of the widget when AutoFit is enabled
📑beta 5:
*=no widget resize locking on newly created widgets (until first bubbles get added)
+=Show hint for Widget Resize Lock option in Launcher Tweak settings
+=Translation for new strings
📑beta 6:
+Tasker battery calls now added all multiples of 5 → WearBattery5,10,15…95,100
*Show WearBattery task status as soon as you check the option “Tasker on charger”
*remove duplications in text field content history [Joseph Rubin]
📑release 7:
(version incorrectly shows as 10.17 instead of 10.15.7 in the app!)
*wrong Tasker WearBattery tasks were called in last beta [Joseph Rubin]
~=show “Widget resize lock” option (and its description) more prominently on Samsung OneUI5
*=corrected some new strings
*=fixed option visibility
📑release 8:
*correct version v10.15 build 10158 is showing in the app
*=folder bubble animation could not be turned off (using the option in Widget Preferences)
*Battery full alert when it’s turned off [Adam Sitkiewicz]
*=on Samsung One UI 5 devices feature the option “widget size lock” in the “Looks OK?” dialog that comes up on Android version update and when the first widget is placed

+new option: battery full alert (on the watch) → audible alert when battery reaches selected level (60/70/80/90/100%) [Steven Halsell]
+added WearBattery75 to trigger Tasker at 75% (to help control smart switch: i.e. off at 80% on again at 75%)
-media controls bubble on Wear OS 3
📑beta 1:
+battery full alert demo video

(Update Notification Plugin to v4.06!)
+Ready for Wear OS 3.5 (Pixel watch, Fossil Gen 6)
+enable wrist gestures on Wear 3.5 watches
+show AOD shift option on Wear 3.5 watches (disabled by default, except on GW)
-no longer show instructions to hide overlay warning on GW (no longer possible)

(Update Notification Plugin to v4.05!)
+Ready for PixelWatch
+Resync button for Notification Icons section
+Notification Icons option to show “No notifications” instead of blank Notification Preview long text complication [gamefan5]
~Message type notifications now appear reversed in dual peek card to show most recent notification on top [gamefan5]
*new options will take you to Play Store to update to latest version of the plugin
*adjusted the font size of Toast messages on the watch
📑beta 1:
+translations for new options
*[Notification plugin 4.05.1] notification preview complication will show beginning of last line for long message type conversations

*=Move last used bubble to center did not work with updated bubble animation [Patric Lam]
*=updated folder animation was slower than other animations [Patric Lam]
*Samsung HR complication did not show after adding multiple complications
*=new help video linked to Folder section in cloud configuration screen
📑beta 1:
*rare crash in card gesturedetection
*=rare crash while creating folder shortcut on home screen
*rare crash when tapping watch face


~=eliminate overlay requirement for widget app: widget toolbar, tweak, measure, animation
+=new expandable “inner” widget toolbar (appears on bottom by default)
+=enabled bubble animation / launcher compatibility mode, petal options on Android Go devices as well
~=animation symbol changed to the expand icon
+=include widget measure button in widget toolbar
~=slightly darker / more opaque widget edit toolbar
*=improved petal options and bubble animation for rotating screens
+=show contact widgets preview for non-premium users
~=include contact widgets section in easy/basic mode
-=removed TrueContacts recommendation from main app
+=include Privacy policy in the drawer
+=widget measure help screen can now show in landscape
*=improved layout for widget measure fine adjustment box and help screen
📑beta 1:
*only check for botched Samsung complications on Samsung watches (DUH!)
+=New prominent disclosure and consent prompt before backing up bubble clouds (transmitting user data)
~=removed blanket privacy policy agreement when starting the app
*=updated privacy policy to highlight handling of sensitive user data
📑beta 2:
~Updated libraries: Shared androidx.localbroadcastmanager:localbroadcastmanager:1.0.0 → 1.1.0, removed implementation fileTree(dir: ‘libs’, include: [‘*.jar’]) Phone App billing_version 4.0.0 → 5.0.0, removed implementation ‘androidx.multidex:multidex:2.0.1, → 1.6.1, keep androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.4.0 since 1.5.0 requires API 32, androidx.constraintlayout:constraintlayout:2.1.2 → 2.1.4 Wear billing_version 4.0.0 → 5.0.0, → 20.0.0, → 21.1.0, keep androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.4.0 since 1.5.0 requires API 32
+add consent prompt (to access contacts in the background) before enabling auto-populate for contact cloud
~updated privacy policy text included in the app
📑beta 3:
*=improved redrawing many widgets at the same time
*race condition invoked crash in Tasker plugin edit screen
*fix rare crash on watch face

+finalized “auto open new notifications” option
📑beta 1:
*auto-open new notifications now compatible with autolock
📑beta 2:
*watch Bubble Cloud settings crash on Greek devices
*replaced PhoneDeviceType checking for iOS/China in the watch app
*=crash attempting to open Play Store page for Notifications Plugin
*crash when tapping on Notification settings section in phone app
+=new option to reset Notification Icons plugin under “Restore defaults” (and in the Filters section of the plugin)
📑release 3:
*=fix for disappearing badges
📑beta 4:
*instantaneous bubble picker in updated Taser plugin (using cached list of bubbles within 24 hours of last use of Wear Cloud Editor) [inspiration: Shawn Austin]
*=cloud config screen sometimes did not appear during initial widget setup
*=using new improved widget size API on Android 12 and over
-=tested and rejected adding Android 12 style “Settings” option on long press of the widget (setting causes problems below Android 12). Keeping own pencil and double tap
*=self-fix rare auto-populate contact cloud database corruption issue
beta 5:
*attempt to fix Samsung HR bug (again!)
*rephrased button to “Clear theme/font” on the watch [Dudee]
*added option to only clear theme font when using the button in Clock bubble settings on the watch
*translation for new options
beta 6:
*fix watch face crash introduced in 10.09.5

*=Updated Play Store category scraper (since Google updated Play Store on the web)
*=Updated privacy policy [Bubble Cloud Widgets removed again from Play Store for the 3rd time, thank God it was reinstated after 2 days, but it’s still a terrifying experience] – I updated Play Store App Content section, hopefully this was the culprit
*attempt to fix background battery service issue on Pixel phones (show notification during update)
📑release 1:
*sunrise/sunset update crash fix
*tasker icon corrected in Wear Cloud Editor legends
*unnecessary “vertical shift” label appeared in the date bubble configuration dialog
*Wear Cloud Editor guide linked to menu item “Cloud Editor tutorial”
+Link to bubble type guide from Wear Cloud Editor legends
+Link to custom layout editor guide from the Layout ↔ Clipboard dialog
📑release 2:
~link to video about folders on the watch now point to the comprehensive guide webpage (which includes the old video)
*fixed button double press function issue returning to the app drawer / watch face if doctor’s timer is set as first press
📑release 3:
*=Google’s update to Drive broke backup and saving rich images (fixed)
*sorted out some problems with custom bubble images (when theme bubbles and customizing “more” bubble on the phone)
*=unified internal request codes
📑beta 4:
*=new option “Relaxed restore handler for backups”
📑beta 5:
*=clarify widget option “lock bubble sizes→position” in all translations
*new notification icons option: “Auto open new notifications” → shows incoming notifications full screen (option also available when long pressing dual peek card)
📑beta 6:
+auto-open timeout 60 seconds (will be configurable) → update plugin to v4.04
📑beta 7:
*now compatible with screen lock and app drawer mode as well
📑beta 8:
*auto open notification duration options 20sec to 10minutes (also unlocks screen lock for this long!)

*workaround for message “The System Overlay Permission is not available” in Wear OS 3.0 (Write system settings is on the same page)
*targeting Android 12: manifest intent-filters exported=true
*gradle update to 7.1.3
*new double-tap clock shortcut option: require double tap clock bubble to exit active/inactive mode [Rui Fung Yip, Kamil Lamcza, Johan Wetterberg] {exitprimary}
📑release 1:
*=improved layout of welcome screen
*=updated, more prominent privacy policy to comply with new Google requirements [Bubble Cloud Widgets brought back to Play Store – SDG]
*translation for new strings
📑release 2:
~phone app will show sync icon instead of disconnect icon in the toolbar during first connection attempt to the watch, only changes to disconnect after 5sec timeout [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
📑release 3:
*=clock bubble related crash in home screen widgets
*=widget crash on new Vivo devices
*=clock bubble configuration crash
*fixed unexpected behavior when tapping text fields with “default” (=”transparent”) tap action [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]

+AOD shift on Galaxy Watch 4 (GW4)
+GW4 calendar complication / 20 min refresh
*remove one of the dual-peekcard did not work
📑release 1:
+option to control Galaxy Watch 4 AOD shift radius, set to zero (left) to disable (default=5, max=10)
*optimized shift redraw
*GW4 calendar complication not updated if no change (caused vibration every 20 minutes)
📑beta 2:
*peek card related crash on GW4 (introduced in 10.06)
📑release 3:
+improved peek card icon colors and automatic peek card color (for dual peek cards as well), smarter decision on recoloring vs keeping icon colors
*addressed ghost vibration issue after exiting the doctor’s timer [Kyle Twiens]
~build tools update

*improved lock/autolock protection
+lock/autolock will now disable rotating crown/bezel input and wrist gestures (hardware buttons and dismiss via peek card icon are still enabled!)
*fix full-color inactive ambient mode when locked
*fix for disappearing active mode watch face
📑release 2:
*fully optimized app drawer/overlay/non-overlay/lock/autolock behavior
~app drawer now enters without animation

! Please report any issues with blank/frozen/disappearing watch face by sending your settings to Thank you!

*text field dialog layout on phone [Laurens Ruster]
+backup/restore notification filters now with Bubble Cloud backups (option to revert last restore in ⋮ menu of filter screen) [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*text fields didn’t show in inactive screen if they were too high [Laurens Ruster]
+double tap peek card icon to dismiss notification on phone [Kamil Lamcza]
(make sure to also update Notification Icons Plugin to 4.01beta!)
📑beta 1:
+peek card icon tap vibration
*peek card icon tap on inactive watch face
+expert option for scheduled ambient dimming (enabled by default) [Marcin Przekop]
📑beta 2:
*enlarged touch target for peek card icon tap on inactive wf (left quarter of the card)
*=pop up folders with badged icons crash when trying to edit
*fixed black screen issues in non-overlay mode watch face
*installing from 1-click theme did not set theme layout correctly
📑beta 3:
(Wear Stand Up Alert 3.11.0beta, Notifications Plugin 4.01.2)
+include @[bubble] in text for actionable notifications
*peek cards with non-breaking space or without title or text could not be dismissed via icon
*ambient peek cards without icons are now centered correctly [Zeng Alan]
*ambient peek cards sometimes appeared too short
*fixed communication between Wear Stand Up Alert and Bubble Clouds
*workaround to double check if Stand Up Alert complication warning “⚠info” is legitimate [David Divelbiss]
*Wear Stand Up Alert and Notification Plugin PendingIntent vulnerability fixes (library update + MyProviderUpdateRequester)
~increased touch target for dismissible peek card icon on inactive screen (left 1/3rd of the card)
📑beta 4:
(Notifications Plugin 4.01.4)
+=widget badge option to ignore persistent/ongoing notifications
+option (on phone under More options) to disable actionable reminders (mostly for discoverability)
~improved settings layout on phone, added horizontal dividers [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*fixed inactive watchface update issue [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*fixed issue where notification peek card tap would open complication peek card’s action when using dual peek card option [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
+add what’s new video
*=fix badge restore defaults
+improved visibility of divider lines in phone settings
+Notification Icons 4.01.3 whitelists “@[” by default (it can be removed, and it won’t appear for existing users)
📑beta 5:
(Notifications Plugin 4.01.4)
*dual peek card was missing icon if single notification icon is used [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
📑beta 6:
+=new Expert option in widget’s Cloud Configuration Screen: “Remove all bubbles” [Michael Holman]
~=Widgets+Folders screen now lets you remove empty widgets (use ⊕ → Expert → Remove all bubbles). It will come back unless you also remove it in the launcher!
📑beta 7:
*tap peek-icon to dismiss with single notification icon
📑beta 8:
*=refresh widget after clearing all bubbles using new Expert option in Cloud Configuration Screen
📑beta 9:
*fix auto-lock in Bubble Cloud gesture priority mode [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*fix blank screen issue when using screen lock
*hide active mode arrows while auto-locked

*=widget-only app badge-preview missing
+=translations for new strings
*=badge-import dialog layout on older devices
*=badge-import dialog icon color in widget-only app
~=open play store if Notification app is below 4.001
📑beta 1-2:
*Mandatory PendingIntent vulnerability fixes (and corrections in Google Wear OS libraries)
📑release 2: (public rollout)
*=synchronized rollout of both Bubble Cloud apps (v10.03.2) and the Notification Icons plugin (v4.00.3)

+=Widget bubbles notification badges via Notification Icons plugin (same as the Wear OS Notifications plugin)
*=elimated the need to calibrate Samsung’s new OneUI4 launcher
*=corrected stuck launcher calibration / widget measure screen issue
*=redraw widgets after restoring backed up widget settings
📑beta 1:
*=crash in the Samsung widget update process [reported by Mel Barnhart]
*crash in the Settings tile on the watch (in certain situations)
📑beta 2:
+=import custom badge overlay images
*=improved launcher tweak +/- visibility
📑beta 3:
+=badge intro video added to “what’s new” and settings page
+=custom badge gallery link added
+=animated badge preview
*=optimized badge storage (affects backup/restore)

+include tide character (~) in notification text to avoid increased vibration which replaces AutoWear vibration patterns [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
-remove link to discontinued Oreo Hotspot app and point to my post instead [Oluwadiya Kehinde]
*workaround for Galaxy Watch 4 ambient mode bug introduced in Feb 2022 update
*optimized screen refresh
📑beta 1:
*fix a crash during app drawer initialization
+workaround for galaxy watch 4 heart rate complication (will now show live HR correctly)
📑beta 2:
*fix Wear Stand Up alert showing warning [david divelbiss]

*=Custom bubble images did not work on Android 4.4 to 5.1
*=the filter “not in bubble cloud already” wasn’t considering app/contact bubbles in other types of clouds (contact/app/bookmark) [David Scherrep]
+=Privacy policy consent dialog before requesting contact access permission (attempt to get Widgets+Folders app back into the Play Store)
📑beta 1:
*crash when using navigation drawer on Wear Contacts screen (on phone)
*wear os tiles sometimes became unresponsive
📑beta 2:
*prompt for step count permission when Wear Stand Up Alert is activated on a Wear OS 3.0 device

*auto-lock now works with AOD off as well
📑beta 2:
*crash in Wear Cloud Editor (custom layout editor)
📑beta 3:
*app refused to import custom themes in certain situations
*digital custom themes did not replace worded clocks [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*copy/paste share-code (via “Import theme” button) will now also prompt for missing theme packs and premium features
*trouble with 1-click theme option-highlights in dark mode [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
📑beta 4 (emergency production release)
*Critical: bubbles disappeared from ambient watch face after 3 minutes with certain combination of settings [reported by sillious soddus – big thank you!]
*crash when tapping on legends in notification bubble color dialog on phone
*pack 13 Splitc00 theme’s (light/bold) fonts could not be used for worded clock
📑beta 5:
*text fields overdraw issue in colored ambient mode (for non-burn-in LCD screens)
*full-color inactive screen was using the ambient text field settings. Fixed.
*crash in Wear Cloud Editor (when deleting folders) [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*problem with full-clock on charge [sillious soddus]
*problem seconds not updating in text fields in low-power inactive screen
📑beta 6:
*crash in main app loading 1-click themes
*crash during opening main app while connecting to watch
📑beta 7:
*themes related crash while starting app
*full-color inactive problems [Bill Pezzuti, Martin Maremäe]
*phone ui fold/unfold problems [Martin Maremäe]
📑beta 8:
*phone ui corrected bugs after orientation changes and switching between nav