Changelog v1.00 → v10.00

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8 years of development!

More than 3500 improvements over the years in over 800 app-updates (beta + production) since 2014…


+ new feature [1426]
* bug fix [1867]
~ change [519]
removed function [53]
= also affects widget-only app

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*=Custom bubble images did not work on Android 4.4 to 5.1
*=the filter “not in bubble cloud already” wasn’t considering app/contact bubbles in other types of clouds (contact/app/bookmark) [David Scherrep]
+=Privacy policy consent dialog before requesting contact access permission (attempt to get Widgets+Folders app back into the Play Store)
beta 1:
*crash when using navigation drawer on Wear Contacts screen (on phone)
*wear os tiles sometimes became unresponsive


*auto-lock now works with AOD off as well
📝beta 2:
*crash in Wear Cloud Editor (custom layout editor)
📝beta 3:
*app refused to import custom themes in certain situations
*digital custom themes did not replace worded clocks [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*copy/paste share-code (via “Import theme” button) will now also prompt for missing theme packs and premium features
*trouble with 1-click theme option-highlights in dark mode [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
📝beta 4 (emergency production release)
*Critical: bubbles disappeared from ambient watch face after 3 minutes with certain combination of settings [reported by sillious soddus – big thank you!]
*crash when tapping on legends in notification bubble color dialog on phone
*pack 13 Splitc00 theme’s (light/bold) fonts could not be used for worded clock
📝beta 5:
*text fields overdraw issue in colored ambient mode (for non-burn-in LCD screens)
*full-color inactive screen was using the ambient text field settings. Fixed.
*crash in Wear Cloud Editor (when deleting folders) [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
*problem with full-clock on charge [sillious soddus]
*problem seconds not updating in text fields in low-power inactive screen
📝beta 6:
*crash in main app loading 1-click themes
*crash during opening main app while connecting to watch
📝beta 7:
*themes related crash while starting app
*full-color inactive problems [Bill Pezzuti, Martin Maremäe]
*phone ui fold/unfold problems [Martin Maremäe]
📝beta 8:
*phone ui corrected bugs after orientation changes and switching between navigation screens
*improved behavior after language change
📝beta 9:
*color-only (non-graphical) favorite/archive backgrounds were not correctly restored for custom themes
+when editing text fields on the phone: text color, size and shift will be previewed live on the watch
+stationary background for the Quick Swipe panel affects Contacts cloud and folders as well [Hernandez Londres]
*optimized quick swipe panel preview generation
*=Fixed issues preventing bubble image change [Prashant Gupta]
*=if cropping fails imported bubble image is used without cropping (show ideal pixel resolution in toast) [Prashant Gupta]
*tiles with off-center layout with more than 8 bubbles and vertical app drawer petal orientation changed between active and inactive tile [Lippy Chan]
*fixed/improved swipe to exit vertical app drawer in overlay mode [Lippy Chan]

+=offer launcher calibration after OS upgrade (Android 12 requires calibration)
~notification icons bubble edit screen will show option as “Notification card” or “Dual peek card” depending on the presence of a complication peek card
+if user selects plugin’s long text → we use native notification peek card instead [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
~notification peek card edit screen will now show “Dual peek card” on the top and “Notification card” below the icon
+notification peek card “Manage filters” button opens plugin’s blacklist on the phone instead of the edit field, which are used for complication peek card
📝beta 1
*=store Android version at boot, app update, main app open and widget edit
*=contact check scheduler setJobSchedulerJobIdRange added to suppress warning
📝beta 2
~upgrade communication between phone and watch, quicker, more reliable connection
+long press Expert option “Use overlays” to bring up the permission screen in case you want to revoke the permission (only way to access this screen on GW4)
📝beta 3
+new watch face option full-color inactive mode: Bubble Cloud watch face will behave more like standard Wear OS faces
+new section “Primary touch control” in settings to control active/inactive modes
*crash while transferring images between phone and watch
*unnecessary and faulty overlay permission request for Wear Contacts on Huawei and Xiaomi phones [Roman Percev]
*improved speed of non-overlay mode
*optimized watch face battery use (skip unnecessary refresh)
*optimized worded clock battery use (skip unnecessary refresh)
*analog clock only ambient mode text fields were misaligned
!disabled “hands over bubbles” option doesn’t affect inactive/ambient watch face
+warning indicator in settings (phone + watch) if 24h analog is enabled (option also turns red in clock bubble config screen on phone)
+new help screen linked to “Low-power screen” (active/inactive/ambient is now linked to the new “Touch control priority” section
+scrollToEdge when watch face touched to bring up active mode
~constant to adjust arrow size (increased from h/20 to h/16)
*peek card wasn’t updated on the inactive screen
+fullInactive is default for new users (off for existing ones)
~updated watch face intro screen on the watch
+new setOverlay command to make it easier to mark PrefItems
📝beta 4
*fixed occasional race condition in phone↔watch connection
~arrow color is the most vibrant of the minute/second/hour (for themed analog temporarily switch to digital to set these colors under clock bubble settings)
📝beta 5
*fullInactive non-stationary background image was drawn twice (performance hit + partially transparent backgrounds appeared incorrectly)
*peek card did not animate when hiding after folder
*dual peek card title layout issue
+swipe to show/hide peek card even on full-color inactive (overlay) watch face: start swiping from middle of the screen (swiping up only works on Wear OS 3)
+translation of new strings
📝release 6 (production rollout)
📝release 7
*new indicator arrows interfered with reveal tap (when tapping the edge of analog full screen clock to bring bubbles on top of the clock hands temporarily)
~extended video
📝release 8
*doctor’s timer crashed in app-drawer mode since the full incative update
📝release 9
*crash when watch enters always-on ambient mode before the Bubble Cloud watch face is properly set up
*lock, auto-lock did not work correctly with priority for Wear OS touches (auto lock will only work with AOD on in this version)

~targeting API30 (package visibility update)
*fixed crash when exiting homescreen widget clock bubble edit screen
*fixed crash when exiting wear os fragment in main app
*workaround for disappearing apps issue (they will show up as hidden in the Wear Cloud Editor) [Brian Bourke]
*fixed multiple peek card complication settings hanging around (all are now removed when you remove the peek card)
📝beta 1
*Weather background refesh Android 11 compliance
📝beta 2
*Hidden bubbles did not show in folders on the watch
*Crash in companion app when changing notification bubble colors
*Crash while using the crown to scroll watch face horizontally
*Crash in Wear Cloud Editor when tapping on bubble image to edit
📝beta 3
*Dual peek card (assign any complication + top notification from the plugin) hide/show to toggle between the two
📝beta 4
*bubbles don’t grow when showing hidden
*cloud not refreshed when bubbles don’t grow
*peek card complication shouldn’t change weight (it’s always 21)
*fix problems assuming size to be integer when it’s float (when designating bubbles to clouds)
*hidden bubbles don’t grow
*bubbles with illegal sizes will now appear on the watch face or in folders (so you can move them to where you want)
*rare crash while redrawing watch face
*rare crash in Bubble Cloud main app on phone
📝beta 5
*newly installed apps no longer “disappear”
*translation for new strings
*peek card will only vibrate if more than half of the text changes (used to be 1/3)
📝beta 6-7
*folder content disappeared after a v9.97.4 change
*long folder names did not appear in bubble edit screen on the watch
*more tweaks to the bubble sizing
📝beta 8
*dual peek card with no complication
*problems when dual peek card is disabled [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
+separate peek card settings (color, transparency level, size) for notification and complication cards (long press either to set)
*filter out multiple tasker charger calls [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
📝beta 9
*notification peek card color setting was removed on connection to phone
+scroll to watch face when locked [Jindřich Pelhřimovský]
+translate strings “notification card” “both cards”
*notification peek card works even when notification bubbles are hidden

*workaround for AndroidX 1.3/API 30 FragmentTransaction.replace bug
*call super in onRequestPermissionsResult
📝beta 1
*still trying to fix$Stub$Proxy.detach issue
📝beta 2
*Gesture detect crash when AOD is not enabled
*Crash when new app is installed
*Crash when step count permission is already given
📝beta 3
+new under “More options”: enable automatic Tasker calls: WearCharger, WearBattery, WearBattery100, WearBattery95, WearBattery20 (you’ll have to create all 5 to inhibit
📝beta 4
*fixed a crash when exiting Wear settings screen on phone (side effect of AndroidX library update?)
*fixed rotary crown crash caused library update
*fixed a crash related to applying custom-themes on the watch
📝beta 5
*show active auto-call watch charging/battery tasks in the phone app (under More Options). Click to open Tasker
📝release 6
*peek card/complication upgrade reminder screen tap showed “Unavailable @1” [Martin Maremäe]

*double tap to sticky open [Bernard Kripkee]
+implement double tap to sticky open in folders [Bernard Kripkee]
+GW4 gesture to show / hide peek card (need to implement since OS no longer supports it) ↑ peek card up = turn quickly away, slowly back ↓ Peek card down= slowly away, quickly back ↑↑ (up when card is already up)= Notification Icons app
*App did not allow changing the clock bubble background color in custom layout [reported by Cjacoballen]
+if peek card option “Open notification via plugin” is set we open to Notification icons via up gesture on Wear OS 2.x watches too
📝beta 1
*attempt to fix onDestroy crash by moving onDestroy actions to onPause
*=Fixed issue preventing bubble image change (we had to change twice for it to register)
*=Fixed imported bubble image crop issue when input image was too small [Matej Drobnič]
📝beta 2
~no gesture detection for demo card
+note in backup screen about needing Pro license to restore
📝beta 3-4
*attempt to fix onDestroy crash
📝beta 5
~no wrist gesture detection if card is empty or favorite cloud is not visible on screen
*bubble weights on watch kept changing even if option “lock bubble size, position” was enabled for the cloud
📝beta 6
+added link from notification icons bubble edit screen to gesture settings (in notification icons app)
+added wrist gesture icon to expert settings notification and what’s new page
*fixed empty card detection (gestures are disabled when there is no card or card is empty or shows “No notifications”)
📝beta 7
+improved rotating crown/bezel behavior
📝beta 8
*gesture was not correctly detected
*reduce gesture sensitivity
📝beta 9
*tweaked gesture sensitivity
+warning about wrist gestures on GW4 only working in AOD
~AndroidX libraries updated to 1.3.1, Compile
*2×Button assign still did not work correctly on GW4 (now links to website as well)
*Multi-toast guides (button assign / hide overlay warning) on GW4 will quit if you exit back to Bubble Cloud from the settings

*border improvement interfered with wear bubbles
📝release 1
*=setting widget background to 100% transparent did not show until reboot [reported by Wolfgang Hamann]
*phone app sometimes crashed on certain themed Samsung phones
*improved Portuguese translation
📝release 2
*app drawer opening watch face complication now indicates vertical app drawer correctly
*vertical app drawer icon now points into the correct direcion (up)
*vertical app drawer slides in from the bottom (still need to swipe away to the right)
*app drawer opening watch face complication is now updated correctly when app drawer opening direction is changed to/from vertical
+dependency: “”
+builder.setJobSchedulerJobIdRange(0, 1000) (draWearService)
*hide ad if license check completes after ads are initialized [Mike Northall]
📝release 3
*GW4 identified as round
*GW4 going into ambient mode
*GW4 (Android 10) prompt for step count permission
*GW4 Voice search to trigger Bixby
*GW4 Hide Samsung media control (cannot open)
*GW4 hide Google clock activities
*GW4 Do not add Media control icon
*GW4 Remove long press reassign
*GW4 New instructions to remove persistent notification
+long press in icon picker will now cancel previous toast message
+added new Samsung default app icons to automatic icon pack apply
*GW4 redirect watch face switcher to Galaxy Wearable
*GW4 Remove long press reassing from Bubble Edit screen on watch and Settings on phone
*GW4 Change 2nd button reassign from Shortcuts, Bubble Edit screen on watch, Settings on phone
📝beta 4
*GW4 Galaxy Wearable alternative for Wear OS app everywhere
📝beta 5
*double tap to sticky open [Bernard Kripkee]
+implement double tap to sticky open in folders [Bernard Kripkee]
📝beta 6
+GW4 gesture to show / hide peek card (need to implement since OS no longer supports it)
*App did not allow changing the clock bubble background color in custom layout [reported by Cjacoballen]

-=had to remove ads from Widget app as well 🙁 it was nice while it lasted…
+=labels in the app bubble selector
*fixed custom theme thumbnail issues (clock always showed 12:00 in overlay mode or a blank thumbnail was created in non-overlay mode)
*alarm related crash fixed
*fragments crashed with androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.3.0 had to downgrade to androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.2.0
+assign complication clicks to shortcuts [tip: Will]
*clock shortcuts (long press, double press) activated sticky open mode
*complication clicks now work with button presses too
*peek card action cannot be assigned to shortcuts
+=added “house ads” in the free version of the app, which will advertise other apps which I made (since Google no longer allows ads in apps having the ability to show over other apps)
*=”Friends price” was hard to read in the Premium Upgrade page
*=reduce ads image size
*=widget app crash on Android 4.3
*crash when starting background activity
*updated house ads (Fat Finger Calculator)
*=improved launcher shortcut compatibility [RayDar]
*=updated in-app-purchase library on phone to v4
*updated in-app-purchase library on watch to v4
*=improved UI for setting bubble border in the bubble edit screen [Wolfgang Hamann]

+show long text watch face complications in text fields (new option for text field content)
+update text fields via new Tasker Plugin (new option for text field content)
*crash with assigned button functions after restored backup (necessary activities not yet enabled)
*crash trying to communicate with Wear Stand Up Alert if it is no longer installed
*remove phantom complications and peek card issues introduced in 9.92.0 beta
*long press delete custom content
*layout issues
+hide Tasker supplied text field if explicitely set to zero length string!
*crash fixed in tile when clicking certain bubbles
~move text field complications up in the “add complication” menu on the watch
*tasker plugin config screen layout issues
*crash when text field custom content is zero length string
+hide Fit Strength Training bubble if Google Fit is disabled or newer than version that includes Strength Training (remove updates in settings!)
~Google Fit Strength Traing bubble is hidden by default, reenabled for v2.54 and below. Clarified changelog
+Instructions about downgrading Google Fit here:
+=labels in the app bubble selector

+PN “” to hide drawer list [for Bernard Kripkee]
+Peek card 50% 60% [Rahul Rayal]
+=round corner background for home screen widgets [Ahmad Alnusif]
*=Widgets+Folders action buttons not visible on tablets in portrait orientation [José Rocha]
+discreet seekbar for border in bubble edit dialog [Martin Blomfeldt]
+12 hour sunrise/sunset [Daniel Griffin]
+option for permanent bubbles over analog hands [Ryan McGraw]
*more (“…”) bubble limitations in the Wear Cloud Editor → shouldn’t be possible to move to other clouds [Dimitris Hatzikoukos]
*=adjust widget caption position for rounded corners and margins
*swipe activates clock tap action
*app drawer could not be closed correctly in overlay mode
*settings screens used to appear sometimes when closing the app drawer
*app drawer would not open when settings screens were not properly closed
*swiping vertically in the horizontal app drawer will no longer exit the app drawer
*removed debug info
*crash when pressing the mute bubble on the watch
*rare crash in Wear Cloud Editor after reconnecting a watch that was factory reset

~=Launcher shortcut bubble labels can now be edited and they will show without the “shortcut:” preface when labels are enabled [Lynne Hawkins
~Edit shortcut bubble labels in Wear Cloud Editor as well
*Error importing custom themes containing pro archive layout
+Warning when trying to set full-screen clock bubble background color [issue raised by Daniel]
+Prompt to erase clock bubble background image if user tries to set background color [issue raised by Daniel]
release 2:
*Fixed analog clock bubble in overlay app drawer [reported by Wladimir Jablonowski]
*Fixed clock bubble tap action in app drawer mode
*Fixed clock bubble long tap not hiding app drawer
release 3: *
*updated AdMob rewarded ads to newest library
*removed embedded Wear OS APK
release 4: *
-removed all ads (to test rejection cause)
release 5: *
-removed banners
-WIDGET: restored banner, removed javamail
release 6: *
-restored banner, removed javamail
release 7: *
-removed ads from 2-in-1 app

* release 3-7: frantic attempts to respond to Google’s baseless accusation of “identified code that MAY faciliate ad fraud”. The keyword being “may”, since I didn’t do anything wrong, but they eventually forced me to remove the ads from the smartwatch (2-in-1) flavor of the app, basically cutting me from making any income on 85% of the users, who were OK with ads and did not want to upgrade to Premium. Without the ads there is even less insentive now…)

+New option for Split-Round Smart Auto Layout: Split by weight (bubbles having weight 6-9 always on top, 0-3 always on bottom – as long as they fit.
Weights 4 and 5 based on size variance as before)
*Crash during theme import (Greek translation only)
*Many rare crashes fixed
release 1:
*on the phone the text field controls appeared for the wrong layouts (CUSTOM,SPLIT,ROUND-SPLIT,CLOCK + all layouts on tall screen watches)
*Bubble text by Tasker plugin is now bold, when using non-theme default font
beta 2:
*=Chinese (mainland) updated
*Split-by-weight: 1-4 always below the time, only weight 5 is placed based on size variance (we cannot set bubble weight 0! Hidden bubbles have the weight of 0…)
*Theme thumbnail failed to include stationary background
+show touches option [temporary for Adam Sitkiewicz]
beta 3:
+=new option (under LauncherTweaks/Expert) to disable “remeasure reminders” after resizing widgets [Andrew Baker]
beta 4:
+translations for new strings
beta 5: (release 6)
+smarter peek card update (avoid extra vibration) if it’s the same or almost the same as last (for progress type peek cards)*hide Vertical shift when selecting analog clock after digital in clock bubble dialog
+Google Fit strength training launcher icon
*Fix inactive icon for mute watch sound bubble [reported by Tony Hartzell]
*=Fix main app crashing on older phones (after v9.89.3)

+new archive cloud bg option: stationary drawer background (only bubbles move when scrolled) over the favorites bg Image (or archive bg image if favorites is not set to image bg)
beta 1:
+Quick Swipe Panel stationary background
+Translations for new strings
beta 2 (+ production release)
*Polish translation (Adam Sitkiewicz)
*rare crash in the main app on the phone
internal test 4:
+double caret (^^) in Tasker plugin to include line break when updating text in bubble (both wear and widget) [idea: Nik Maier]
*further improved Polish translation [Adam Sitkiewicz]
internal test 5:
*when Tasker plugin text includes line break the character limit is raised from 12 to 24
beta 6:
*multi-line Tasker plugin text in Tile bubble as well
~halved icon size when Tasker bubble text is multi line
beta 7:
*measure multi-line Tasker text without the ^^
*hide Vertical shift when selecting analog clock after digital in clock bubble dialog
*Notification Icons plugin / Bubble Colors button did not work [thank you Adam Sitkiewicz for reporting the issue]
*Polish translation is now all corrected [big, big thank you to Adam Sitkiewicz – this is now one of the best language variant of the app!]
*Removed some unused strings

+=Simplified Chinese translation (Home screen Widget)
+=Autosize widgets – Calibrate launcher independently for landscape and portrait orientation
*fixed a crash when opening some bubbles in the tile
*fixed a crash in the widget cloud configuration screen (clock bubble)
*fixed a rare crash on the Bubble Edit Screen (shortcut selector)

=*bookmark bubble edit problem (was introduced in v9.81)
=*smarthome bubble colon (“:”) in title caused issues
=~noname smart light trim http from displayed name
~=Android 10GO → change how pencil is hidden and don’t try to get overlay permission [UNEXCLUDE Android GO devices after full rollout!]
=+full screen pop-up cloud (folder) – 4th option for pop up size (tap corner to select)
=*cloud was not redrawn to reflect new bubble size after changing bubble weights by long pressing bubbles to edit in bubble cloud pop-up folders on the phone
+include new/complete Greek translation!
*GPS notification will open app to fetch location (Google no longer allows Play Store apps to get location in the background)
+offer workaround for new background location limitation via plugin sideloading from website
*do not open app drawer after settings if coming from settings tile
~theater mode dim level seekbar for more granular control of ambient brightness
*Quick-Swipe Panel folder → show folder, not just the folder icon
*could not set folder background color / label color on watch
*The hints on the non-dimming smooth moving clock are shown even with hints disabled
*The non-dimming clock haptic feedback hint is shown even if haptic feedback is disabled.
*The non-dimming clock sometimes does not move the second-hand or moves it jerkily or stops moving after a few seconds.
*The non-dimming clock does not vibrate even if haptic feedback is enabled
*The top-text may forget its position and attributes after Tasker bubble partial update
*The top-text may forget its position and attributes when using split auto layout
*removed debug info
+contact cloud will also appear in the Quick Swipe Panel
*no blink when accessing opening folder from quick swipe panel
+tapping on partially shown quick swipe area will scroll it fully into view and/or execute assigned action
*rare crash while selecting clouds in the “Widgets + Folders” screen
*multiple crashes while editing widget clock bubbles
*crash while trying to get location via Summary Plugin
*crash introduced by updated WearOS library
*rare crash if you switch away from the Wear OS tile
*rare crash in Tile provider
*crash when you manually close the new foreground location dialog

*Android 10 compliance: hide wifi bubble unless workaround plugin is installed
*Oppo watch face ambient mode was shifted (thank you Сергей Кочетков for reporting the issue, Turndapage for sharing the necessary configuration setting)
*Issue when quick swipe panel is enabled on the left side (app drawer on right) on flat tire and tall screen watches
*Russian translation of watch app updated (thank you Сергей Кочетков)
*Polish translation of phone app updated (thank you Krzysztof Milewski)
*bring newly imported custom themes to the top/front (only the most recently used 14 is shown on the watch, if you had more new ones did not appear, only on the phone)
*custom theme synchronization works in both directions between phone and watch (great if you use multiple watches)
+warn about missing components when applying custom theme
*automatically cleanup damaged custom themes (missing or corrupted code or missing thumbnail image)
=*crash while customizing home screen widget clock bubble (analog watch hour hand)
=*rare crash when using grid layout in home screen widget
*Polish translation update (phone+watch) [Krzysztof Milewski!]
*keep the tile available in watch-face mode if it is being used in app-drawer mode, will show “not available when Bubble Cloud is set as your watch face”
*take user to manual wifi settings only if automatic toggle did not succeed. Show toast to inform user.
+translations for new strings
=+haptic feedback option for widgets and folders on the phone
*show warning about defaulting to circular layout if more than 8 bubbles for off-center layout
*crash on watch while connecting to phone app
=~slightly reduced haptic feedback strength when tapping bubbles (haptic feedback is off by default, look for it amongst the “expert” settings in the main app)
=*rare crash when adding launcher shortcut bubbles
~Wear OS component Android 10 compliance
~foregroundservicetype=”location” for both watch and phone apps (I don’t yet understand its significance)
*custom themes did not remove unneeded text fields on restore, and did not restore text fields if color was not marked (now it will restore but keep color)

=*Samsung launcher cleared widget measurements when split screen multitasking was activated
=*optimized widget resize routine for Samsung phones
*updated libraries (Gradle, AppCompat, Wearable, Play Services Fitness, Material, ConstraintLayout, BuildTools)
+BIG: added compatibility with rectangular square watches (Oppo!)
*rare crash when saving custom themes
=*fixed crash when using widget non-alternating grid layout
=*fixed crash filtering icon packs
*preview on watch (app drawer + overlay)
~galaxy layout will fit 2 extra bubbles
~”clock” layout will not rearrange bubbles if text field is vertically shifted out of the way
~improved settings screen layouts on square/rectangular watches (less side padding)
*fixed margin issues in folders with labels on the watch
*fixed issue sometimes preventing icon pack to transfer to watch
*shortcut settings group always expanded in phone app
=~show reminder to remeasure instead of resetting widget measurements (toggling navigation bar used to reset all widgets, found no better way to prevent)
+background location disclosure
*crash related to text field settings on the watch
*long text field format strings could break custom theme / undo theme save routines (limited to 40 chars and extended buffer)
*crash during ad init
*faulty small image complications providers could crash Bubble Cloud
*TicWatch apps did not open correctly from the watch face
*small image complications causing a crash
+offer help when linked theme-bubble needs to be deleted before removing custom theme (both watch and phone)
+offer help when creating theme-bubbles or applying themes (on the watch)
+text fields are now available for all layouts for tall screen watches (i.e. Oppo) – help utilize top/bottom parts of the screen
+square smart auto layout had issues with 6 or fewer bubbles
*fixed split smart auto layouts margins (both curved and straight)
📝release6 (production release)
*digital clock vertical shift did not work for some fonts
📝beta7 (both app variants)
*issue when quick swipe panel is enabled on the left side (app drawer on right) on flat tire and tall screen watches

~watch-wifi-bubble cannot programmatically turn off wifi on WearOS (it is auto-enabled by the OS) instead it will take you to wifi-settings when turning off
+BIG: top/bottom customizable info line options on watch face!!
+control digital clock vertical shift (up/down)
*fix default values for text fields (new text fields were on by default)
~adjusted layer order: touch priority now works as expected even in custom layouts with bubbles over full screen digital or analog clock
+digital clock vertical adjustment now available in the phone app (clock bubble config screen)
*fixed FAB issues in Wear Cloud Editor on old Androids
+text field settings on the phone
+text field shortcut settings on the phone
+digital clock vertical adjustment on the phone
+fine adjustments (+/-) for most seekbars in the settings on the watch: margin, spacing, vertical shift, font size
*restoring old custom themes text fields and digital clock-shifting will be disabled
*seekbar +/- accidental adjustments when scrolling
+long press title to reset / undo seekbars
+backup restore hint counters
+add video demo for new Text Fields: What’s new on phone/watch, Shortcuts, Text Field dialogs
+translations for new strings
*reset bug for size seekbars
*forgot to update the What’s new video in the phone app…

*one line of greek text in the global widgets settings (embarrassing oversight)

+=BIG: add shortcut bubbles to clouds on phone and watch
*shortcut icon initially not sent to watch
*cannot delete shortcut bubble on watch
*if hidden cannot delete shortcut bubble on phone

=~don’t change petal colors in dark mode
=~show icon name in Mask Clock options dialog
+watch alarm workaround now optional “Bring alarm to foreground” (for non-system alarm apps it’s off by default)
=*fix a problem deleting phantom home screen clouds on handheld devices
+BIG: time limit option for toggles in Tasker plugin: watch BT/Wifi off until a given time, Theater mode/Mute until a given time
*filter out alarms created by Bubble Cloud and plugins
📝beta3 – Wear OS production release
*fix crash caused by certain icons in peek card
=+home screen widgets are now screen reader ready for blind users (when option “Always show bubble labels” is enabled. If screen reader is active at first time use, option is auto-enabled) [big thank you to Willis “Chris” Moore]
=+Added Greek translation (60%) by ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ
=*store widget sizes for different resolutions (no need to measure again when earlier resolution is restored: h/w,centerx/y)
*scheduled toggle bubble Toast formatting (leading zero for minutes)
=+improved screen reader support in widget/folder related parts of the app (content descriptions for FABS, image buttons and action bars)
=*improved shared preferences stability (TSSharedPrefEdit)
=*delete resolution data when widget is removed
*some live info bubble options were showing in the bubble edit screen when they should not be assigned (e.g. for notification icons etc)
=*no more “Redraw widget” message when tapping on bubble move in different type of cloud
=*autocolor is enabled by default for contact clouds as well
~”New card vibration” setting (under “More options” in the phone app) now affects Bubble Cloud peek cards as well: when card is updated watch will vibrate unless watch is in Do-not-disturb mode
+Long press peek card for option “Open notification via plugin” to choose whether the Notification icons plugin or the standard Wear OS notification is shown when you tap on the peek card
*fixed setting “new card vibration” not sticking
+no new card vibration when watch is on charger

*stupid oversight: what’s new page played old video
*include “show live info” option in backup
~”Show live info” will not affect clock bubble
*refresh favorites tile if custom theme bubble is set or erased (in the clock bubble dialog or long pressing the uniform bubble color box in the phone app)
+remind user after applying icon pack the file transfer to the watch can take a long (long!) time
*the need for phone permission was not explained in the phone app (to be able to hide app drawer when call comes in and to make calls using contact bubbles)
*eliminate crash when folder tile of a deleted folder is clicked
=+automatically update also the clock/date bubbles in a widget when changing widget’s icon pack (only if they have been masked originally)
=*cloud configuration screen’s floating action button labels visibility problem in dark mode
=~check option “Use clock background color” if there are no mask/background alternatives when theming clock bubble
=+add hour12, hour24, am, month, day, fullmonth, fullday to middle row
=+change bubble text color based on center color intensity (only if white or black) (if center is transparent use intensity of solidified widget background color)
=*icon pack border/background settings will also affect themeable clock bubbles (background color will come from clock bubble border color)
=*much improved clock widget performance
=~show clock bubbles also when cloud is being edited
=*fixed crashing folders with clock
=*fixed clock edit clicks in clock
=*fixed clock edit click in widget
=*fixed disappearing main clock in widgets with few bubbles

=*Crash in the Widget-only app after 9.77.9 update
=~Improved the layout of the “First widget placed” dialog
=~Improved table layout on Premium Upgrades screen
=+optional “PUT” method for HTTP (Smart Home control) bubbles [requested by Almar Örn Arnþórsson]
=*the widgets app was missing the HTTP Command templates
=*couldn’t add duplicate clock bubble to cloud
=*crash when adjusting digital clock widget content vertical position
~Watch will attempt to send private/local IP address HTTP commands always via phone first but send them directly from watch if phone cannot be reached (5s timeout)
=*crash when adjusting vertical digital clock widget text position
+BIG: add “favorites cloud” also as a tile on the watch!
*second attempt at handling local IP HTTP commands from the watch
+BIG:notification-icon bubbles in tile (favorites or folder tile)
*crash when trying to hide theme pack icons from main app
*if auto-locked, the app drawer was automatically opened for favorites tile too
*clock bubble did not always appear in the center in favorites tile
~clock layout on tile will stretch bubbles to edges of the screen
*refresh favorites cloud when themes/layouts change
*disable favorite tile in watch face mode
*update tile settings change on phone: layout, background color / image, bubble type, uniform color, live info hint, notification bubble colors, notification bubble options (show icon, show badges), and when a theme is applied.
*matched tile-bubble text colors in the favorite cloud (Tasker, LiveInfo, Phone battery)
+custom layout in favorite tile
+lock bubble will work in the tile too → it opens the app drawer and locks it
~button will no longer exit locked app drawer
+show “Loading bubbles…” message at start
*vertical app drawer will also show the favorite cloud when opened (used to remember your scroll position)
*revised tap-detection in tiles
*further improved tap-detection in tiles (no need to wait 1 sec for update)
*uniform color hollow bubbles in favorites tile
*app drawer was not loaded correctly after a small change in v9.78.6
~exit app drawer using the clock bubble if it was opened from the app drawer tile also
*tile will not flash when clicking outside of bubbles
*hide lock and show hint if folder tile is assigned to empty folder
*refresh folder tile when folder options are changed
*package name for folders (used for applying icon packs to folder icons) was mistakenly corrupted when adjusting tile options on the watch
*will not show reminder toast during intro on watch if tile has already been added
+translations for new text
~when applying themes on the watch the favorite layout setting is only applied in watch face mode or when it’s explicitly check-marked
=*handle crash more gracefully when trying to edit a missing bubble
+new tile video

+=*BIG: improved compatibility with most launchers (long press checkmark for new “measure mode”) (updated Launcher Tweaks section ~ updated First widget placed screen ~ updated Cloud Config screen)
=+BIG: clock bubble in widget → theme selector (with on/off switch) in cloud configuration → delete (share? modify?) theme
=+clock bubble FAB
=+icon pack masked version (also: refresh all)
=+BIG: ads in free version – banner ad in main app (unless landscape, widget or wear pro) – banner ad in cloud configuration screen (unless landscape, wear [contacts!] or widget pro) -banner ad on Wear Cloud Editor (unless landscape, help or layout designer is shown)
=+add benefit “don’t show ads” – updated list of benefits in translations
=*updated settings action button visibility in dark mode (the blue commands at the bottom of setting cards on the phone)
*fixed a crash in the watch face on the watch
=*widgets were not automatically updated after globally hiding/unhiding the pencil
=*reduced APK size by 3.3MB by improved image compression
=+improved icon pack support now with icon shader (icon packs which change color of masked icons)
=*could not save custom clock theme after customizing images or the time/date format
=*when main app not started via launcher icon the Wear OS menu item would appear even if Wear OS was not present
=~changed minimum widget size to 1×1
=*clock bubble will not be much bigger than the biggest bubble in the cloud
=+short pressing the trash can in the Bubble Edit screen will offer to uninstall app or remove bubble (in case of app bubbles only)
=+add any number of (non-main) time/date bubbles to widget
=*hide ad on any dialog
=+you can now set the folder shortcut icon before placing it (both from the widget drawer and the Widgets+Folders screen)
=+pop up clouds (bubble folders) show clock bubbles too
=*Widgets+Folders screen now indicates number folders and clocks too under “other” (used to only count Tasker and Smart Home control bubbles)
=+app will now warn if no default launcher is set and widget autofit calibration cannot be associated with the launcher
=+app will lead you to the Play Store if a custom theme uses components from a theme pack that was uninstalled
=*you will be taken back to the correct screen after installing theme packs from the Play Store (it was returning to the main setting app)
=*Emergency fix for clock widget crash introduced in beta3
=~single tapping the clock will no longer take you to cloud configuration
=+haptic feedback during launcher calibration
(fun fact: Google removed this emergency update because of a bogus hashtag “violated” something in the app description, that’s been there for 5 years. Because of this beta testers did not get the fix for over 24 hours, that I created 5 minutes after it was reported by users. Yes, Google is evil)
=~you will have to double tap widget with single clock to edit (hint displayed at first tap)
=+backup clock bubbles and clock bubble themes
+translations for new strings
=+date bubble added to the stock options
=*crash when adjusting vertical adjustment of digital components
=*layout issues in the clock widget selective apply screen
=*crash after adding a folder shortcut (using the Widgets+Folders screen)
=*import image did not work when changing folder shortcut icon
=*ads will no longer show in Pre-launch tests
+expert option on watch: do not recolor watch face complication icons (only affects classic bubble cloud layout, standard Wear OS layout complications will stay recolored)
=+link clock settings to online help
=*slight layout glitch in clock widget settings (misaligned square/round switch)
=+video clock, folder, launcher calibration:
=+bubble sizes are automatically locked (and move to center is disabled) after using the swap tool
=+main clock bubble in grid layouts now appears above or to the right of the cloud
=+enable new system for new users only
=+add help button to launcher calibration screen
=~ads only for those who install v9.77.7 first
change icon packs to check for Wear OS
📝release 1 build 8:
=+autolock bubble sizes when any bubble size gets edited
=+hide yellow bubble for a week by watching an ad
=+”coffee” option to watch an ad
=+could not hide Theme Packs since they were never opened. Now app will prompt you to open them…
📝release 2 build 9:
=*some cloud parameters were not stored correctly [thank you Simon Bernard for reporting!]
=*app was crashing on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and older devices
=+new spinner on the “Hide yellow bubble” dialog while the ad is loading

+consistent automatic peek card colors for apps with all white icons [tip: Primo De Leon]
*problem restoring themes with components from the theme pack where the sample theme (Pack #0) is from, but they are not the sample theme
=*fixed crash when making backup on older (Android 4.x) devices
*clock font size was not stored correctly in custom themes
~updated custom theme related warning “Missing/corrupted data” to suggest to check for app update in Play Store
=+new Tasker plugin option “Text only (hide icon)” when adding text to Tasker bubble (note: when setting text via %variable, icon will be hidden if resolved string starts with ‘_’ underscore char)
-removed admob (Google never fails to disappoint)
=+link to license troubleshooter from Premium page
*fixed crash while updating theme selector in phone app

=*folder edit bar seekbar mistouch still moved seek position slightly
=+new smart home (HTTP command) bubble option “Open in browser” → use HTTP bubbles for smarter bookmark / webapp starter (with toggle fields and petal options) e.g. open Google Docs
=*further improved symmetry for alternating grid layout
=*uninstall command did not work in bubble edit dialog overflow menu because of a permission change in Android Oreo
📝beta 1:
=*option did not show initially when HTTP control bubble is added
=+added translations
📝beta 2:
+Theme shortcut bubbles
*icons did not show correctly in the Shortcuts settings group on the phone (when folders, smart-lights, phone app bubbles or complications were assigned to shortcuts)
*notification icon bubbles did not appear correctly in the Wear Cloud Editor (random icon)
📝beta 3:
~custom theme screen on watch will prompt to select all if nothing was selected
*clean up back stack when exiting folder after bubble edit screen
*crash in contact cloud when opened via button and no contacts
+extended Tasker plugin can now activate and move all bubbles on the watch (not just Tasker bubbles, as before)
=*improved symmetry for grid widget layouts
📝beta 4:
*toggle bubbles in Tasker plugin did not work correctly
*Tasker plugin was not able to move any bubble into folders
*import theme by sharecode resulted in corrupted themes on phone
*improved visibility of Bubble Cloud settings icon over dark backgrounds on the watch
*clouds were not refreshed after creating / deleting theme bubbles
*when importing themes, prompt to install necessary theme packs
*failed to prompt to install theme packs if pack 0 had the theme from the same pack
+new sharecode format: → take user to website if bubble cloud is not installed (bubblecloud://theme/ is also kept)
*themes were not deleted correctly
📝beta 5:
+won’t delete theme if there are linked theme bubbles “Cannot delete until 1 or more linked theme-bubbles are removed”
+new theme option: “update” (overwrite with new settings) – keeps theme bubbles and Tasker plugin operational
*improved theme and theme-bubble synchronization between phone and watch
*improved appearance of folders and complications in the Tasker plugin config screen
*theme bubble image broke on the watch when using “default icon” button in Wear Cloud Editor
*deleting a theme on the watch used to reset the default theme bubble location to favorites
📝beta 6:
*crash when trying to insert Tasker %variable to plugin
+translation for new strings
+new video
+linked new video to Tasker Plugin config screen + What’s new screens on phone and watch
📝beta 7: (production release)
*crash when clearing BubbleID in Tasker plugin config screen

=+made sharedpreferences more resilient
beta 1:
=+self correcting sharedprefs
beta 2:
=*improved symmetry for alternating grid layout
=*if both Premium Key and Summary are installed, use Summary to watch for newly installed apps (disable battery optimization for Summary!)
beta 3:
*show expert crown option in app drawer mode too, hint at its effect on the use of the crown in folders
=*expert widget parameters restore button did not reset checkboxes, only their preferences

=+new folder bubble animation (and quicker threaded operation) is now optional (off by default – enable it in main app → “Expert” → “Widget Preferences”) [merci Matthieu Kieffer]
=*rare crash in main Bubble Cloud app / layout options dialog
=*rare crash in petal options on phone
+use buttons/crown in contact cloud on watch (if opened via button press) [thank you gandalf_123]
=*cloud option “Keep frozen bubbles after uninstall” was not saved / backed up or restored
=+prompt to enable Overlay on Huawei/Xiaomi phones more aggressively
*crash while importing custom 1-click themes

=+cloud layout options (circle and off-center)
=+added galaxy, and rotatable grid and checkered grid layouts
=*fixed a crash when tapping the youtube button when selecting default layout
=+long press rotation arrows to rotate cloud by 45°
=*cloud layout settings are now saved in backup and deleted correctly with the widget
*Smart Auto Layouts dialogs crash in “Wear OS” settings on phone (broke in v9.72.1)
=~alternating grid change order of shorter/longer rows depending on number of bubbles for more even looking clouds
=+finalized new layouts in bubble folders (i.e. pop-up clouds) – no more missing or extra bubbles
=*fixed layout rotation issues
=*made backup / restore more robust [thank you Miquel Ferrarons]
=~improved layouts:
=~round=multiple inner bubbles if total number of bubbles>14
=~grids=center last row (if possible) for more symmetrical look
=~galaxy=magnified and rotation enabled
~improved button/crown selection in folders and petal options: [based on feedback by Matej, thank you!]
+improved crown detection (register if crown was used anywhere in the app, not just in folder)
+different hint shown if crown is enabled
~hint is shown longer only the first time
~shorter button long press for activation if no crown used/enabled
~no crown detection if “Wrist/crown gestures” is disabled in expert settings
=*video link in default widget layout dialog
=+bubble weights are now shown in edit mode (only if sizes locked)
=~improved visibility of bubble labels in edit mode
=*45° rotation final fix
=*missing ccw folder layout rotation long press
=+long press swap arrows also for ccw 45° (widget + folder)
=+accidental touch protection for bubble spacing seekbar in widget/folder toolbar (NoSkipSeekBar)
=*further improved grid layout symmetry
=+animate folder bubbles too, when animation is turned on for the cloud
=*reduced bubble size in folder when using grid layout
=~square shaped folder for round/galaxy/off-center layouts
=~resize folder after layout change
=+video (what’s new + widget smart auto layout sections)
=+translations for new strings
*”More theme packs in play store” button did not work in the 1-click themes section

*fix rotary crown operation in settings screens on newer watches (Google broke crown control in Android H) [thank you Elias Cabrera for reporting]
~fix reverse scrolling direction via crown
+select petal options and bubbles from folders with the rotary crown (long press other buttons to activate)
*fixed auto sticky issue in tile folder [thank you Alex Perez for reporting]
+short press button to activate petal option or bubble in folder if crown was used for selection
~changed crown sensitivity and bubble order when selecting bubbles from folders using the crown
+progressive selection using the crown in folders and petal options (when opened via hardware button) i.e. selection moves gradually from item to item, snaps to focus when crown is released
~multi line text in peek card title if no text body (upcoming agenda events used to be cut off) [thank you Pavlos Vasileiadis for reporting]
*exiting a folder should take you to the app drawer only if the folder was opened from the app drawer
*whenever we are not coming from the app drawer the 3 dots (more) bubble should open the app drawer
*when selecting folder bubbles using the crown, the selection will settle more quickly (600 to 300ms)
~more natural bubble selection order when using the crown [suggested by Elias Cabrera]
*avoided selection glitch if crown was moved before the folder bubbles appeared
*selection via button/crown stays active for inner folders
+the 3 dot (“more”) bubble in inner folders will now take you to the parent folder (works only 1 level deep)
+new video


*fix for tile disappearance after reboot
*fix for bubbles growing into different folder issue
*fixed hotspot toggle option of wifi bubble (on/off/hotspot)
+new dedicated wifi hotspot toggle (on/off)
*rare crash in custom theme list on watch
*wake phone when turning on wifi hotspot

*Optimized resources for Media control shortcut
~Added “(via BC)” to Media Controls to show connection
*Bubble distortion in Bubble Cloud tile on “flat tire” watches [reported by Jen Yates – thank you]
*”No bubble” option did not work in folders and tile (always followed favorite cloud setting) [reported by Jen Yates – thank you]
*Bring up Wear Contacts settings on the phone by tapping the empty contacts screen on the watch (was still crashing after 9.67 fix)
+New Wear Stand Up Alert v3.03 beep sound option (note: never beeps if watch is in DND, even if obey DND is disabled)
+Stand Up notifications will beep even on older watches which don’t receive Stand Up Alert v3 (toggle option in Bubble CLoud phone app)

+Restore Media Controls shortcut removed by Google in recent Wear OS update (you can assign it to hardware button!)
*App drawer appeared sometimes when connecting charger even if “Rotate on charger” and “Full screen clock on charger” were both disabled [Dr_Tron]
*Gracefully handle when tile folder background image is corrupted

📝beta 0:
+offer to move bubbles without live-info if they are not allowed in folders (battery, date, steps)
*fixed rare crash when saving custom theme
*fixed rare crash when opening app drawer
*fixed rare crash when redrawing app drawer
*edit bubble did not work in smart home bubble petal options
*handle unregister receiver crash more gracefully (when sending sms)
=~bubble label text size in the home screen widgets and folders is now proportional to the size of the bubble [tip: Fabien – merci!]
=~move bubbles to center without growing even if bubble sizes are locked (“Bubbles grow + move to center” → “Last used bubble moves to middle”) [tip: Patrick Lam → thanks!]
📝beta 1:
*fixed rare crash when importing corrupted/missing theme share code
=*decoupled center bubble option from bubble size lock
+updated for Wear Stand Up Alert 3.00
📝beta 2:
*bad release: wrong Google Play Services linked
📝beta 3:
*Google Fit step count midnight reset issue fixed
📝beta 4:
=+Support development
*midnight step count reset
+translations for new UI elements
📝beta 5:
~works together with Wear Stand Up Alert v3.00beta2
~Wear Stand Up Alert will work independent from Bubble Cloud unless Bubble Cloud is set as your watch face
+Stand Up Alert now prompts to replace the watch face complication if used independently from Bubble Cloud
*Stand Up Alert updates watch face complication quicker (no “–“)
*Stand Up Alert different icon for battery saver complication, different label for complication to be used in Bubble Cloud
📝beta 6:
*Wear Contacts was crashing since v9.65. Does anybody use Wear Contacts??
=*fix bubble rare animation bug on tablets
*crash on corrupt watch folder background image
*crash when trying to open app drawer
📝beta 7:
*changing Stand-up related settings in the phone app will update the watch directly
*improved communication between Bubble Cloud and Stand Up Alert
~3 cases: A) Use Bubble Cloud step monitoring routines 1. if Bubble Cloud is set as the active watch face (Stand Up Alert complication not necessary, but available) 2. if app drawer is active and no Stand Up Alert watch face complication placed B) Use Stand Up Alert’s own step monitoring 3. if Stand Up Alert watch face complication is placed on 3rd party watch face (For reliable Stand up alerts place complication or use Bubble Cloud watch face)
📝beta 8:
*crash in phone app

📝beta 0:
+delay the necessary tile updates to avoid lag when accessing the Bubble Cloud tile (adjust delay under Watch:”Expert settings” or Phone:”More options”)
📝beta 1:
*removed unnecessary tile updates (track if anything related to the tile has changed since last update)
📝beta 2:
*added error message instead of crash on Mobvio watches with missing voice recognition
*update toggle and tasker bubbles in the tile folder
*bubbles were not growing in folders even if “lock bubble size/location” was off
+animate (“blink”) bubbles in folder when tapped
📝9.66.3 (production release)
*fixed crash when tapping dummy peek card
*fixed rare crash while applying theme on slower watches
+translations for new strings

📝beta 0:
*crash when trying to apply favorite background for 24 hour analog theme in the phone app
*sideloaded plugins and theme packs prompt you to install from Play Store now on Android 10 too (get around background activity limitation)
~API 28: update libraries, switch to AndroidX, new permission “Foreground Service”
+complication FAB in wear cloud editor → help page (shows in place of Tasker bubble if Tasker is not installed)
~Weather bubble dialogs in Wear Cloud Editor gained “Troubleshoot problems” buttons which link to troubleshooting webpage
+expand theme selectors on phone
📝beta 1:
+keep track of selected theme components and color adjustments on phone and watch (preparation for user created 1-click themes)
*1-click theme selections are now shared watch→phone too (it was only phone→watch)
+improved speed and reliability of applying themes on the phone
+backup now includes theme selections
+toggle groups/columns of checkboxes when icons are tapped in Theme Apply screen on watch
+create / apply / remove custom themes on the watch
+sync themes and custom pieces between phone and watch
+user saved themes appear in the 1-click theme selector: apply, delete user themes from phone
*fixed repeated rating request issue [reported by Cheri Murphy – thank you!]
*improved toast appearance when layouts turned off
+create / delete / apply themes in the phone app
+create partial themes (favorites only, clock bubble only, archive only etc.)
+partial apply user themes (e.g. only apply the favorite cloud colors)
-removed old undo method (restore custom pieces)
+undo button in phone app and watch (under “1-click themes” and also “my themes”): go back to previous theme
+progress spinner during theme operations
+share theme share-code
+prompt to update watch app before theme operations
+import themes via share-code (paste, share, or use link “bubblecloud://theme/”)
~hide “recommended 1-5 bubbles” hint if user ever took action
+share themes via Bubble Cloud Rich-Images
+include themes in cloud backup and watch restore
*clock layout bubbles were mis-alligned on flat tire screens
~hidden feature: long press version number to “reset all” will now show proper prompt on watch
📝beta 2:
+include share-code link even if theme does not have custom components when shared as RichImage
+include warning not to resize/recompress RichImage to stay importable
+import message (“Check your watch”) now reminds to check archive cloud if imported theme only defines archive style
*created themes did not make it back to phone if “create theme” was initiated from the phone
*show progress singal throughout the complete theme operations (progress spinner disappeared before finish)
*block 1-click theme operations until watch is connected
*when applying a custom theme using the phone app, rewind the picker before newly applied theme is moved to the front
📝beta 3:
*selective apply for pack themes was broken on the phone (always applied all components)
*if any clock piece was selectively applied, set clock type to analog (just like on the watch)
*extra piece (corner, center etc) will turn off during selective apply if the theme doesn’t have it and dial is selected
*themes auto-enabling full-clock-only mode switched to the wrong settings group to show the setting
📝beta 4:
+added new custom theme video to phone and watch app
*themes containing only date bubble could not be restored correctly
*fixed gauge issues when applying / undoing themes
*fixed how extra watch component (corner / min dial / center) is restored for custom themes
+new options to control secondary dial (“extra”) component visibility in clock bubble settings (on watch and phone)
+new overflow menu in Clock Bubble dialog for setting custom components: seconds hand, themed uniform bubble,
active and inactive secondary dials, active and inactive gauge pointers)
+translations for new strings
*clock bubble config screen layout corrections on the phone
📝beta 5:
*theme background graphics was restored overwriting custom background image settings for favorites and archive cloud
📝beta 6: (rolling out to production)
*improved the look of the little label included in Rich-images
*don’t prompt to install pack 0 if watch is missing theme pack 0 but it has the theme where the original theme was from
*now correctly restore themes containing default components
*theme 0 components were not correctly added in the phone app (they did not refer to the original pack)
+tapping the top of the settings screens on the watch will go back to previous screens (now added: Expert, Shortcuts, Clock settings too)
*crash when clicking on theme teasers
*crash when importing damaged PNG files
*free version custom theme limit was not enforced (limit increased to 5)
*crash on watch when damaged watch face component assigned
+added more Wear Pro features to the version comparison table in the Premium page of the phone app

*watch face will no longer cover alarm cancel screen (switch to alarm clock when watch face touched!)
📝beta 1:
+new 12-hour option for every 24-hour theme (select when you apply the theme)
*theme names can now contain the letter combination “cb”
📝beta 2:
+Phone app dark mode
~Reorganized the watch related settings in the phone app (“Wear OS” screen)
+select vertical app drawer orientation also in the phone app
~reduced watch app size by 7%
~title icons in the watch settings on the phone
+dynamically hide unavailable options in the phone app
~”More info online” link changed to → Wear feature highlights
~”Become a beta tester” link now points to beta info on app’s website
~”How to use and customize” link now points to “Watch face introduction” on app’s website
~1-click theme symbol is now the “paint palette”
*improved phrasing of many outdated option names and messages
*date bubble dialog initialization issues
*floating action buttons sometimes did not fit in landscape
📝beta 3:
*hide “Background by minute of the hour” in app-drawer mode
+show textual hint when selecting “Background by minute of the hour”
+tapping on the “Background by minute of the hour” clock icon again will toggle the color mode (just like on the watch)
*corrected the black icons in Wear Cloud Editor’s Cloud Selector dialog
*corrected layout issues in Wear Cloud Editor’s Folder Edit dialog
+new option: folders to use their custom bubble image as folder background image (option added both on phone and watch)
*corrected dark mode issue in “different watch version” dialog
📝beta 4:
*increased watch folder bubble image resolution to cover the screen if used as background
~the option “merge smaller clouds” is now also available for “Corner” and “Galaxy” archive layouts
*archive cloud cloud distribution showed bubbles in folders incorrectly
*bulk commands (at the bottom of expert screen on watch) did not handle bubbles in folders correctly
📝beta 5:
*light font related setting no longer getting stuck
*icon pack drop down list visibilty in dark mode (Cloud config screen and Wear Cloud Editor apply icon pack)
📝beta 6:
*Emergency update: crash when applying 1-click themes
~a little more aggressive about recommending theme pack #13 when 24-hour analog option is selected
*backup/restore did not include some expert settings on the watch
=+Widget-only app dark mode
=~improved appearance of the widget-related settings in dark mode
📝beta 7:
*crash when using reset “Font and backgrounds” at the bottom of the “More options” group, and haven’t opened 1-click themes section first
*reset “Font and backgrounds” is now aware of the option “background by minute of the hour”
*changed wording for option “Triple-tap screen to unlock” (was “to exit theater mode”)
📝beta 8:
*crash when trying to apply favorite background for 24 hour analog theme in the phone app

+24 hour analog option (preparation for new theme pack, theme names ending with “c24/c00”)
+option for midnight on top or bottom [tip: Olivier LL]
*outlined ambient checkbox was visible for Analog clock in clock bubble settings on the phone
📝beta 1:
~”More apps by Dyna Logix” now links to
~”More theme packs in Play Store” now links to
*auto app drawer opening lock in App-drawer tile did not work if empty folder is assigned to tile
*clear tile folder id if the folder assigned to the tile is cleared
📝beta 2:
*preview did not work when applying 1-click themes if overlay was turned off
~c24=24 hour (24 on top) / c00=24 hour (24 at the bottom)
+themes can now have font references (reduces theme pack size)
+added pack#13 to theme showcase on phone and watch
📝beta 3:
+recommend installing Pack#13 when 24-hour toggle is enabled (and Pack #13 is not installed)

*drawer timeout inconsistencies sorted out
~moved drawer timeout to WearOS settings group on phone
📝beta 1:
*toggling overlay option on phone did not have an immediate effect on the watch
*disable swipe to exit for watchface in non-overlay mode
+added cancel button to (light blue) permission request screen on watch
+workaround for Wear OS bug: prompt user to toggle Settings permission OFF and ON
*couldn’t prompt for phone permission if it was denied permanently
*kept asking for unneeded permissions
📝beta 2:
*rare crash when toggling overlay (rootview already null)
*digital clock update race condition (unregister receiver while shutting down)
-disable Gen 1 Moto 360 auto-brightness bug workaround on newer watches
*brightness control on watches with no light sensor (broken in v9.61) [thank you Anthony Wang for investigating the issue!]

+separate settings tile (appdrawer / folder tile only available in app drawer mode)
~disable appdrawer/folder tile in watch face mode
*crash while waiting to notify watch battery full state
*free up resources when adjusting clock bubble
*app drawer tile tap more reliable
+extended screen timeout when interacting with the Bubble Cloud watchface + expert option to adjust screen timeout between 5sec and 30sec
*crash fix during startup on phone
*navigation drawer reminder was shown in phone app even after you already pulled out the drawer
~updated permission requirements on watch:
+app drawer without overlay permission! (using standard activities which have slower startup time: 1070ms vs 340ms on Huawei Watch 2)
+option to use overlays (for “improved performance” = 3 times quicker app drawer) → prompt for permission / instructions to remove “draw over other apps” message
~larger font, better spacing in the permission request screen
-phone permission is no longer needed for regular operation (app will prompt for it only when phone-call is made from the contact cloud OR gesture detection off)
~prompt for permission “to change system-settings” when brightness adjusted or auto brightness turned on
+updated intro slider on watch:
~increased font size and improved spacing on many slides
+more details about long-press to edit bubbles
+more details about the website (auto open them on phone)
-removed instructions on hiding “draw over other apps” message (not using overlays by default)
*debut buffer maintenance
+Brightness control and automatic day/night brightness both request permission to control brightness
~improved app drawer selector in settings
*graceful handling of removed permission “draw over other apps”
+switch to non-overlay mode if permission removed with active overlay
+Theater mode, Screen lock, Sticky open, Forced-Exit, Bubble animation check for and request “Draw Over Other Apps” permission if needed
+long press app-restore assistant (at the top of settings on watch) to clear the app-restore list (=remove the menu item)
+overlay toggle on the phone (with instructions on removing permanent notification and help to enable permission if needed)
+drawer timeout control in the Watch face settings group in the phone app when expert mode is enabled
*small-image type complications are never WearOS-style by default since WearOS style doesn’t show in ambient mode! (users can still choose WearOS-style if they want blank circle on ambient)
~increased the default bubble spacing in the favorites cloud (live info hints look nicer)
📝beta 1:
+improved the watch overlay permission request dialog on the phone
+check overlay before enabling sticky open and bubble animations in the settings on the phone
+translations for all new strings
📝beta 2:
~intro on watch will not auto open app’s website on phone, user needs to click on the page highlighting the website
+a few corrections in translations
📝beta 3:
*fixed layout of website-page in intro slider on watch
+new info (i) button at the bottom of Expert settings on watch: tap to see when watch was last rebooted and when app was last updated
*single taps were detected as double taps after adjusting the clock time of the watch
📝beta 4:
*fixed a rare crash while updating analog watch face
*fixed a possible lock up situation in watch face mode when overlays are disabled
*fixed app drawer closing issues when not using overlay (you can now turn off auto close and the timeout will reset each time you touch the drawer)
*disable drawer timeout by dragging the drawer timeout all the way to the left
📝beta 5: → production debut
~offer overlay in main settings screen even if app doesn’t have permission (Google Play doesn’t seem to give it by default any more)
*improved reliability of app drawer opening tile
+visual feedback when tapping tile and folder bubbles
*permission request screen was not visible after enabling sunset/sunrise live info
📝beta 6: → critical production update
*Critical: fixed tile auto open lock crash introduced in Beta 5
📝beta 7: → critical production update
*fixed rare Bluetooth toggle crash
*fixed rare crash in app drawer
*Critical: preview in watch face mode without overlays
*watch face now returns to watch face after dimming
*no need to disable drawer for settings anymore
📝beta 8:
=~gradle 3.5
*checks for shutdown (restart) in background process
~changed default drawer timeout for new users to 9700ms (it’s still 5000 = disabled for existing)
+overlay status added to developer email info block
*crash when tapping a certain bubble while bubble animation is enabled
*drawer off setting did not stick [thank you Elias Cabrera for reporting it!]
📝beta 9: → critical production update
*Critical: tile crash on Traditional Chinese
*cannot access active watch face after brightness permission request was denied
*Critical: app drawer edge detection in watch face mode (using overlays)

+the Bubble Cloud Tile can now show one of your bubble folders
+bubble edit screen: in the cloud selector (on the top) the tile-folder has a tile icon
+folder edit screen has a new option “Assign to tile” (this, other, app drawer)
+folder edit screen has a new switch “Include drawer opener bubble” (app drawer) or “Include folder config bubble” (watch face)
*newly created folders did not have a background color
+show hint on tile: “Long press bubbles to move to this tile” and “Long press folder to assign to tile”
📝beta 1:
*fixed bubble tap detection issues in the tile
📝beta 2:
+phone app:
+newly created folder → tileFolder + opener
+options in folder edit screen:
+assign to tile
+show opener/config
+when assigning bubbles show tile icon (in app drawer mode)
+show “tile” in the name of the folder in the list
*improved the tile symbol throughout the app
*fixed bubble visibility issues
📝beta 3:
*in some cases tile bubbles started the wrong apps
+translations for new strings (I refer to them as “Tiles”)
📝beta 4:
*fixed exiting folders opened from the tile
*”open app drawer” bubble became “more…”
*circular smart auto layout for folders was not symmetrical
*grid layout icons order + move to the top of the screen
+added new video 8MPuh8kLeRA
📝beta 5:
+new option: show hint icons for LiveInfo bubbles (app icon in the corner) – control separately for favorites, archive and folders [off by default for existing users]
~changed the name of Tile to “App drawer / folder”
~tile-folder appears with the tile symbol everywhere in app-drawer mode (unless a custom icon is set) (in the watch and in the Wear Cloud Editor on the phone)
*first time opening the app drawer, now it opens on first attempt
*improved layout of folder-bubble edit screen on watch
📝beta 6:
*do not theme or hollow the LiveInfo hint bubble
*themed toggle/smartlight/tasker bubbles did not “blink” when touched
*smartlight bubbles without toggle fields still opened the petal options screen
📝production release (9.60.7):
*updated translations [Italian: thank you Libero Balsamo!]
*fixed a tile system related crash
*fixed 2 rare crashes
📝production update (9.60.8):
*fixed a crash when trying to add SmartLight bubble in Wear Cloud Editor
📝production update (9.60.9):
+prompt to install standalone version if Tile is selected in the intro slider on the watch
+new command to install standalone version in the settings on the watch if WearOS watch detected using the embedded version
*always have intro slider complete before prompting for permissions
+convenience buttons in Bubble Edit screen on watch to adjust liveinfo hints (if liveinfo enabled for bubble)
+stepcount live info can now be assigned using the Bubble Edit screen on the watch
~default stepcount live info hint icon was incorrect if Wear Stand-up Alert is not installed

*crash while redrawing ambient watch face
+if Notification Icons plugin is active the peek card of phone notifications will open the plugin’s more capable notification viewer instead of the WearOS card

*fixed a rare crash watch app (deregistering step count monitor)
*some shortcut settings made on using the phone app did not transfer to the watch [reported: James Victor Ashe, thanks!]
*if flashlight was assigned to hardware button, it sometimes opened the last used Bubble Cloud screen instead
*when assigning flashlight or analog ↔ digital switch to a button, the wrong description appeared in the assign shortcut control (in the Bubble Edit Screen)
📝beta 1:
*What’s new video added for Notification icons quick reply feature
*Rare crash fixed in Wear Cloud Editor
*Rare crash fixed when switching watch faces

+Wifi hotspot toggle from WearOS watch (enable in Wear Cloud Editor)
*Fixed a bug causing notification bubbles to disappear when Tasker plugin was used to update bubbles on the watch

+preliminary tile support (open app drawer using the tile)
*fixed issue which prevented you to set solid background for merged app drawer
📝beta 1:
+vertical app drawer option: no handle (open via Tile, Complication or button press) + swipe to close in both directions
+new option in side selection “Vertical (no handle)”
+extended intro wizard: 1) Watch face or app drawer? 2) How to open drawer?
+new settings tile in watch face mode
+tile buttons haptic feedback
*improved switching between watchface and app drawer modes
📝beta 2:
~pressing another button after sunlight mode will not cancel sunlight mode (including double press function on the same button. If no double press function assigned, pressing the sunlight button again will still cancel it)
+added translations for new options
📝beta 3:
+added new extended video on tile support
📝beta 4:
=*no more unnecessary widget remeasures after screen rotation
📝beta 5:
*fixed archive cloud margin issues
*fixed issue with vertical app drawer not opening after closing it with a left swipe [thank you Steven for reporting!]
*fixed archive cloud icon label layout issues
*fixed a rare crash when wifi state changes while exiting Bubble Clouds
📝beta 6:
*ticwatch apps are handled similarly to system clock activities
📝beta 7:
*Wear Cloud Editor infinite loop when removing all bubbles from favorite cloud [thank you Steven for reporting!]
*vertical app drawer issues when favorite cloud background is set to full-transparent
📝beta 8:
*ambient bubble circles did not follow setting when updating Tasker bubbles
*crash when trying to save Bookmark Bubble while system is busy updating Webview component
*rare crash while refreshing watch face

*workaround for digital clock background crash on a very few devices
*rare crash after giving location permission on watch
+added font updates for theme pack #7
*updated teaser icons for Theme Pack #7 (watch + phone app)
📝beta 1:
~switching to web domain
beta 2:
=+long press bubbles in folders (i.e. popup-clouds on the phone) to edit them
*last beta update broke digital clock on older, Android Wear 1.x watches [thank you Rose Languste for testing and reporting the problem!]

📝9.54 beta
new clock bubble type: text clock (in 11 languages)
+new theme pack 12 with 7 beautiful, full character set fonts and the language routines

📝9.53 bugfix/prep release
+added theme pack 12 teaser icons (coming soon)
*background color behind brightness bar is now also get recolored when recoloring theme’s background image (on the watch)
*digital themes could not be applied from the phone app
*new option to clear theme font only (under 1-click themes → Clear Theme)
*tapping the clock bubble sometimes did not switch to interactive mode
*priority for active cloud=OFF → exit folder did not return to the archive cloud
*fixed issues moving between folders and smart home control screens in app drawer mode
beta 1:
+warning shown in clock bubble settings on watch: custom analog components cannot be colored
~complication and LiveInfo bubble layout improvements
*fixed crash when pressing “restore defaults” in Clock bubble settings on watch

📝9.52 release
*clock bubble cannot be hidden from ambient mode in Wear Cloud Editor
+workaround for right app drawer glitch on TicWatch Wear OS H (API28, app-drawer mode, app drawer on the right, handle size>0)
📝beta 1:
+opening app drawer after Flashlight, Timer in app drawer mode now became optional (switch “Open drawer” in the bubble edit screen on the watch)
*much smoother ambient→active transition: eliminated clock flicker (time used to disappear for a fraction of a second)
~moved ambient mode related settings to Favorite Cloud settings screen on watch (mode, uniform color, circle)
+new expert option “Ambient background always black” – workaround for black screen issue when returning from ambient if ambient is same as active
(default=true, but not for existing users)
beta 2:
*uniform ambient color palette appeared erratically
beta 3:
*ambient mode settings were not always applied
beta 4:
*crash on MIUI while fetching app list
*crash in the phone app on One Plus One (Android 9)
*crash on watch when app drawer is on the right (volume bar instead of brightness bar)
*changes to Quick Swipe Panel on the watch were not always applied
~build tools / gradle updated to 3.4 (new R8 optimizer)
release 5:
~updated theme packs #4 #8 #9 #10 teaser icons with gauge icon (phone + watch)
*fixed crash in app drawer mode
beta 6:
*fixed ambient→active transition on Android Wear 1.5 watches
*fixed voice search error on Android Wear 1.5 watches
*fixed timer complication (3s delay)
release 7:
*fixed hollow bubbles not showing in ambient mode if “ambient black” was enabled

+=long press contact petal numbers to set/clear defaults
~updated theme pack #4 #8 #9 teaser icons (phone + watch)
~=filter repeating phone numbers even if punctuation is different
*=contact petals did not show multiple email addresses
*=relinked contact bubbles were corrupted
+=relink contact bubbles also when widget action is not set to petal options
+also get default number/email fro