v9.55beta0-beta2: Bug fixes

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  • Added font updates for theme pack #7
  • Updated teaser icons for Theme Pack #7 (watch + phone app → see above)

Bug fixes

  • Workaround for digital clock background crash on a very few devices → see below
  • Rare crash after giving location permission on watch

As you can see, this is a service update paving the way for the bigger update to Theme Pack #7.

Digital clock update

There is a bigger under-the-hood update to the digital clock bubble, since I couldn’t find a solution to a reoccuring crash in Android’s stock digital clock widget. I created my own TextClock widget from scratch. Because of these changes, please report if you experience any strange behavior regarding the digital clock bubble (frozen time, flicker etc)

Beta 1

Beta 2

  • Long press bubbles in folders (i.e. popup-clouds on the phone) to edit them (you can still long press an empty area in the folder to open Cloud Configuration directly)
  • Last beta update broke digital clock on older, Android Wear 1.x watches [thank you Rose Languste for testing and reporting the problem!]

Author: greg

the dev