v9.56beta0-8: Tile support + Vertical app drawer

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I have more plans in future releases, but you can now add a Bubble Cloud tile: open app drawer by swiping your watch face!  Watch the short video:

Big thank you to Sterling Udell for creating the UnofficialTileAPI

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Beta 1:

  • vertical app drawer option: no handle (open via Tile, Complication or button press) + swipe to close in both directions
  • new option in side selection “Vertical (no handle)”
  • extended intro wizard: 1) Watch face or app drawer? 2) How to open drawer?
  • new settings tile in watch face mode: open various settings screens directly

  • tile buttons haptic feedback
  • improved switching between watchface and app drawer modes

Beta 2:

  • pressing another button after sunlight mode will not cancel sunlight mode (including double press function on the same button. If no double press function assigned, pressing the sunlight button again will still cancel it) [tip: James Paulley]
  • added translations for new options
  • you couldn’t have solid background for merged clouds

Beta 3:

  • added new extended tile support video

Beta 4 (updated home screen widget app too):

  • no unnecessary measurements even after screen rotation

Beta 5:

  • fixed archive cloud margin issues
  • fixed issue with vertical app drawer not opening after closing it with a left swipe [thank you Steven for reporting!]
  • fixed archive cloud icon label layout issues
  • fixed label issue in vertical app drawer diagonal column arrangement
  • fixed a rare crash when wifi state changes while exiting Bubble Clouds

Beta 6:

  • ticwatch apps are handled similarly to system clock activities

Beta 7:

  • Wear Cloud Editor infinite loop when removing all bubbles from favorite cloud [thank you Steven for reporting!]
  • vertical app drawer issues when favorite cloud background is set to full-transparent

Beta 8:

  • Ambient bubble circles did not follow setting when updating Tasker bubbles
  • Crash when trying to save Bookmark Bubble while system is busy updating Webview component
  • Rare crash while refreshing watch face


  • The tile will eventually be able to show your favorites cloud
  • tapping on a “More” bubble will take you on to the archive

I am open to suggestions, as Tiles are very new, I am still looking for a good way to use them

Author: greg

the dev