Customize folder shortcut icons

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You can now set the folder shortcut icon before placing it

Folder short icons

Video demo starts at 4:14

You can now modify the shortcut image before creating the folder. Tap on the default image to bring up the icon chooser. The “Import image…” button (at the bottom) will let you crop from images in your gallery.

You can create two kinds of shortcuts:

1. Classic shortcuts from the widget tray (unchanged icon)

2. New shortcuts (uniform shape with app icon in corner)

Add these using the FABs (floating action buttons) on the “Widgets+Folders” screen:

How to change the folder shortcut icon?

Some launchers will let you long press the shortcut and “Edit” the icon:

But don’t worry if you cannot:

  1. Remove the old shortcut and place a new folder.
  2. When you first click on the new folder shortcut, you will be prompted to “restore” the bubble cloud from any existing folder:


Author: greg

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