v9.63: 24-hour analog clock

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New feature, preparation for new theme pack: 24-hour analog clock! 

  • New options under clock settings (analog):
  • 24h = hour hand goes around in 24 hour instead of 12
  • 0:00 ↓ = midnight is a the bottom (marked by the moon in the screen shot)

Thank you to Olivier LL for the detailed suggestion for this feature!

Other changes

  • Outlined ambient checkbox was visible for Analog clock in clock bubble settings on the phoneMore apps by Dyna Logix” now links to https://dynalogix.eu
  • “More theme packs in Play Store” now links to https://bubble.dynalogix.eu/bubble-cloud-themes
  • Auto app drawer opening lock in App-drawer tile did not work if empty folder was assigned to tile
  • Clear tile folder id if the folder assigned to the tile is cleared
  • Preview did not work when applying 1-click themes if overlay was turned off
  • Theme name includes “c24″=24 hour (24 on top) / “c00″=24 hour (24 at the bottom)
  • Themes can now have font references (reduced theme pack size)
  • Added pack#13 to theme showcase on phone and watch (waiting for approval)
  • Recommend installing Pack#13 when 24-hour toggle is enabled (and Pack #13 is not installed)

Dial images

Theme pack (#13) includes a few 24-hour themes.

You can also assign any custom dial image under Clock Bubble Settings:

You can use your own images (transparent background 400 x 400 PNG recommended). Here is a collection of different variants:

The zip file contains the following 24 variants:

  • north=midnight on top, south=midnight at the bottom
  • south2=sun and moon at noon and midnight
  • black=use on light backgrounds, white=use on dark backgrounds
  • ambient=use for ambient watch face (burn-in safe outlines)
  • gold=in the theme you will be able to tint this to any color (How to recolor components)


See full changelog from v1.00

Author: greg

the dev