Theme Pack #13: Full day analog watch face themes

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This new theme pack contains just four themes providing a few options for those enjoy using full day (24 hour) dials.

Each theme comes with a different set of clock hands, including gauges for range-type complications.

One light, one dark, one color and one split color background, each with matching theme bubbles.

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All four themes work well on both round and square watch screens:

All four themes include matching themed bubbles and also gauge pointers and dials for range type watch face complications. For details see: Version 9.49: New Watch Face complication options

As every analog theme in Bubble Cloud, these also let you switch to various digital layouts:

There are 2 fonts included in the theme pack, one comes with a thin variant, the other includes even the cyrillic alphabet to display text-clocks in all 11 languages.

Theme colors can be customized: two themes come with adjustable background color, all themes come ready for changing the hand colors:

The minute dial is optional, control it via the “extra” parameter for a cleaner look:

You can also combine the dials, hands and backgrounds to come up with your own arrangements:

Get it on Google PlayThe new Theme Pack is now available in the Play Store at the lowest $0.99 price!

Please make sure to update the main app to v9.63.3


Every 24-hour analog theme still has the option to use it as a standard 12-hour watch face. Select 12 or 24 hours when applying the theme.

Author: greg

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