v9.64beta0..1: small improvements

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Have you ever fought to cancel the alarm, but the alarm-cancel screen disappeared?  The issue is finally resolved!

Beta 0

  • The Bubble Cloud active watch face will no longer cover the alarm cancel screen
  • When you touch the inactive watch face (or shake the watch if gestures are enabled), the alarm cancel screen will be brought to the foreground
  • Even if you accidentally press the main button to exit the Alarm, pressing the button again will take you back to the Alarm so you can cancel or snooze it using the on screen buttons!

Beta 1

  • New 12-hour option for every 24-hour theme (select when you apply the theme) The option is available on the the selective apply screen on the phone (long press the theme icons to get there)

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* Black C24 is now the Free Sample theme, available on Google Play

See full changelog from v1.00

Author: greg

the dev