Version 9.54: Text-Clock and more

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  • New clock bubble type: Text Clock (via plugin/theme pack) → see details below
  • Many complication and LiveInfo bubble layout improvements

Bug fixes

  • double press / long press detection failed in multiple parts of the app after adjusting the system time (i.e. time zone or DTS change)
  • contact cloud would appear on the watch when updating home screen widgets
  • Voice search did not work when assigned to the hardware buttons on Wear OS H [reported by Daniel Ryan, thank you so much!]

Widget app (home screen widgets on phone/tablet)

  • widget measurements were cleared after reboot when using stock Samsung launcher (you had to re-measure after each reboot!) [reported by Lajos Zsigó, thank you!]

Text Clock

  • New settings under “Clock bubble” (on the watch), Text Clock (“twelve fifty-six”) is now the 4th selectable bubble:
  • Settings on the phone (in the clock bubble configuration screen):
  • Mark either the hours or the minutes (or both) to show as text:
  • You have to have the new plugin / theme pack installed, the app will prompt you:

    (It’s a paid theme pack with 7 themes and 11 languages. Introductory price set at the lowest $0.99)

  • Set the language and the way the text is shown (number of lines of text and vertical space allotted to the clock display)
  • Optionally set either the hours or the minutes to appear using thin fonts (theme dependent)

    Note: Currently only the theme “Kaffeesatz” and the default font includes thin variants.

  • Just like with the color palettes, the second column of checkboxes allows for a different setup for ambient screen!  You can also enable outline font for the ambient screen:
  • Note: limitations in ambient mode:
    • Cannot use outline with thin fonts
    • Cannot use outline fonts with text time on older watches (only Android 8 and later)

Theme Pack / Plugin

Get it on Google Play“Text Clock” Theme Pack #12 
Introductory price: $1
Play Store link:
More information: Theme Pack #12

More info

See detailed change log

As you can see, I keep adding new features, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

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