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Magic wand bubble

[Starting v9.42] You can quickly switch between analog and digital clock bubble. Keep this “toggle bubble” on your watch face, move it to a folder or to the app drawer. Tapping this new bubble will switch between the 3 types of clock:

  • Analog
  • Multi-line digital
  • Single-line digital

It will preserve your layout, unless you have full screen clock layout selected (then it will cycle thru Clock→Off-Center→Split layouts). Works the same way as the 3-way toggle in the Clock settings on the watch.

  • You can assign live info to this bubble, so your unread count or any other LiveInfo bubble can be your quick toggle!
  • If used often, you can also assign this bubble’s action to the long press of the HW button!
  • You can also assign actions (including this one) to the long press / double tap of the clock bubble


The animation shows a combination of 4 themes from Theme Pack #8

  • Background: Zac12
  • Dial: Veronic12
  • Hands: Afric12
  • Font: Patric12

I also applied a color shift from gold to blue. Endless possibilities!!!


Download and share to Bubble Cloud one of the above 1-click theme rich images, or use the following share-code on your phone: ShareCode

Author: greg

the dev