Wear Stand Up Alert v3.03

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What’s new

  • Optional notification sound
  • Improved vibration reliability on new Fossil watches (feedback is welcome!)
  • “Track via Google Fit” setting did not stick in some cases
  • App will ask for Play Store rating (can be dismissed forever)
  • Link to app’s website from settings on watch (“Questions? Problems?”)

Important: if using Bubble Cloud, update it to v9.69


  • Your watch has to have a speaker (duh!)
  • It’s a very short medium pitch beep (currently not customizable)
  • To adjust its volume change the Media volume in system settings
  • There will be no beep while Do-Not-Disturb is active on the watch (regardless of the option “Obey DND”! That option only affects notification card and vibration, so you can keep having silent notifications in DND mode)
  • Yes, you can just have just the sound without vibration or notification (simply disable the others)
  • I added the 5-star “nag” screen because the app is mainly getting bad ratings currently, although I know it works well for many. Of course happy users have less incentive to rate. Please rate even if you like the app 🙂

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