v9.42beta → Play

v9.42beta → Play
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v9.42beta → Play
► No longer need to “Clear theme” when switching analog→digital: clock bubble dial is no longer shown behind digital clock bubbles, except when a custom icon or image is set (see screenshots below)
► Moved more helper routines into Premium Key 9.41 (beta) and Summary 1.10 to detect charger, wifi and ringmode changes (no longer possible in Oreo)
► Show a hint at the bottom of the watch-face settings group in expert mode, to install/activate this PreOreo Helper (=Summary app)
► Alternative: Premium Key users can get the new beta that has the preOreo routines: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/dyna.logix.bookmarkbubbles.key

► Prompt to update main app if Premium Key is newer
► Dim screen behind all dialog boxes (bubble edit etc)
► Outline ambient font by default for 4 more themes

► Rare THREAD_POOL_EXECUTOR related crash in the phone app
► Rare crash when exiting the WearOS screen before the first 1-click themes are loaded
► Rare corrupted bubble image resource related crash in popup folders on the phone

Author: greg

the dev