v9.65beta0: Target API 28 + more

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What’s new in v9.65

  • Theme pickers can now be expanded (see above)
  • Updated to meet Google’s target API 28 requirement:
    • mandatory from November 1, 2019
    • updated libraries,
    • necessary to switch to using AndroidX,
    • necessary new permission “Foreground Service”
  • Complication FAB in wear cloud editor → help page (shows in place of Tasker bubble if Tasker is not installed)
  • Sideloaded plugins and theme packs prompt you to install from Play Store now on Android 10 too (get around new background activity limitations in Android)
  • Weather bubble dialogs in Wear Cloud Editor gained “Troubleshoot problems” buttons which link to troubleshooting page

The target API change can have side effects, I tested all parts of the app, but please report if you find anything broken!

Author: greg

the dev