How to add weather?

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There are two ways to add weather to your watch face:
  1. Using Live Info bubbles
  2. Watch face complications
Weather is not easy. is the last free provider, and they too are limiting the free access. I would have to charge a minimum subscription fee of I don’t want to lose money. In my experience Android users are opposed to subscriptions.

But there are some good news too: the new Android Wear version, 2.0 (now called Wear OS) introduced complication support, which means you will be able install various weather provider apps, for this, please see the second half of this post.

1. Weather Live Info

Please see these post on how to add weather using LiveInfo bubbles:
If you already assigned the LiveInfo there are a few things that can go wrong:
  • you have to have a working connection to your watch
  • you need a working internet connection
  • you need a location for the area to get
  • there is a slight chance for openweathermap to be overloaded in your area
These are not only permissions, these services have to be enabled too. Please check if the phone app still has the permission to use the Internet and coarse location.
  • Do you have location service enabled on your phone? We need at least coarse location for the current weather (i.e. the city / district)
    Inline images 2
  • Make sure Bubble Clouds is on the exception list for task killer applications (such as Greenify or if your phone has a stock “power manager” app that kills / freezes apps or prevents them to access the internet)
  • Newer Samsung phones typically put apps to sleep when they are not on your screen. This means they don’t have internet access when running in the background. You will have to put Bubble Clouds on the list of not-optimized (similar to the Android Wear app and Google Play Services):Inline images 1For more information please read:  Phone battery level and weather updating issues
  • of course you also have to have a working connection between phone and watch, so the information can be passed from the phone to the watch. Please see CONNECTION PROBLEMS
If all goes well the weathershould update once every hour (from


If you are using Adguard or other firewall / vpn / security app on your device make sure to still allow Bubble Cloud to access internet in order to download weather updates using standard HTTP connection to Here is for example how you can do this in Adguard [big thank you C. Briggs for the screenshots!]

Reset weather provider

Here is something you can try:
  1. Please open Wear Cloud Editor on your phone
  2. Tap on the weather bubble in the list:
    Inline images 1
  3. In the dialog that opens, you can see an error log. This is how it should look if everything goes well: (Please send me a screenshot if the log section looks different)
    Screenshot_20180620-165434_Bubble Cloud Wear + Widgets.jpg


  4. to reset the weather info please click on the button “Fahrenheit” (or “Celsius”) to resetInline images 1

This procedure will fetch the weather and send it to your watch immediately. You will see a message on the screen of the phone if the app is not able to get the location information.

2. Using other weather apps

You can also add weather and other data using watch face complications.
Just install one of these apps (some of them are free):
Inline images 1 Inline images 2
And add their complications to your Bubble Clouds:
Inline images 3 Inline images 4 Inline images 5 Inline images 6
With your premium license you will be able to place as many weather complications as you want. I actually like to use a full page of archive cloud just for weather complications:
Inline images 1
You can display all kinds of weather info on your watch face (and you can even move the weather complications to the app drawer or folders)
I found AccuWeather being the most complete.

Air Quality

You can even put air pollution information on your watch face using this app: Air Quality by Konstantin Aksenov
Screenshot_1570944128.png Screenshot_1570944099.png
Screenshot_1570944040.png Screenshot_1570944018.png
You can see the value on the top slot (34) of the Bubble Cloud watch face. (using the new Black C24 theme!)

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