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If your Wear OS watch has never connected, please skip down to point 6)

1) In most cases connectivity will be restored if you just tap on the disconnect icon on the top:

2) if that doesn’t help, please try exiting the app via the BACK button, and opening it again

3) please make sure both the phone and watch components are up-to-date (and they have the same versions). On Wear OS, you can search for updates in the Play Store on the watch. You can check for updates on the phone via Navigation Drawer → About app → Check for updates:

4) if that doesn’t help, please make sure the clock on the watch and the phone are synced (they are set to the same hour and minute: Settings → System → Date&Time → Auto: Sync from phone)

Note: If you need to have the watch on a different timezone, please check this post: Option: “Clocks not synced”

5) Simultaneously rebooting the watch and the phone, may also fix connectivity issues.

If the tips below do not help please email me from inside the app using the navigation item (pull from right) “Email developer”. My email address is

6) Initial connection (if watch never connected before)

Please make sure the watch you are trying to connect runs the Wear OS operating system (a.k.a. “Android Wear”). Not all smartwatches run this system. Watches made by Apple, Samsung, Garmin have different systems. Older Sony watches too. Watches running standard Android are also not compatible. Please read more about Wear OS here:

If you are not sure, see list of compatible devices.

Installing the Wear OS (Android Wear) watch component

Depends on which generation of watch you have:

(Newer) WearOS watches (from ~2017 and after)

Android Wear 2.x (a.k.a. Wear OS) requires you to install the watch component manually. Open Play Store on the watch, search for “Bubble Clouds” and install the watch component. The first time you open Bubble Clouds on the phone, it will assist you by opening Play Store on the watch.

Android Wear 2.x (a.k.a WearOS) watches have the Play Store on them, and you need to install apps on the watch itself:

Screenshot_1528737532.png Screenshot_1528737567.png Screenshot_1528737584.png

You can also search for apps:

Screenshot_1528737680.png Screenshot_1528737688.png Screenshot_1528737709.png Screenshot_1528737712.png

(Older) Android Wear watches (from ~2016 and before)

The Android Wear 1.x operating system should automatically install the watch component. The free version is also fully functional (with occasional upgrade reminders). Do not upgrade to Premium until you confirmed the watch app works well for you.

Update (2019): The newest version Wear OS has trouble transferring the Android Wear component to the watch. Because of a November policy change, Google no longer allows me to publish the updates of Bubble Cloud which is targeted at older watches. There is a workaround, please see my post for more information: Connection issues for generation 1 watches

After installing on the phone, please wait 5-10 minutes.
Only do “Resync apps” if the operating system fails to transfer it automatically. “Resync apps” can take a long time (sometimes even 30-40 minutes! – every app installed again…)

Update Google Play Services (GooglePlayServices)

If you have trouble connecting to the watch, please check:

►Which version of the Android Wear (Wear OS) app do you have installed?
►Which version of Google Play Services on the phone?
►Which version of Google Play Services on the watch? (you can check it in Settings / About / Versions. e.g., Services=10.0.84)

If these versions don’t match, or they are not up to date, the whole process may fail. Each of these components need time to install, if you don’t give them enough time, they will get in an infinite loop.

You can get the newest Android Wear app from the Play Store or


Google Play Services can be updated by tapping on the version number in the watch (Android Wear 1.x only!). After you tap the version number it can take as long as 30-40 minutes for the Play Services update to happen.


The phone version can be updated from

If all fails, try Restart or Factory reset (unpair and pair again) the watch. Again, please leave enough time for everything to get sync’d.

More on this in the next post: [Installing Bubble Clouds]

Please email me if you still have a problem:

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