How to show date on the watch face

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There are 2 ways to add information to the watch face:
1) assign live info to any bubble
2) add standard watch face complication
1) Live Info
You can assign “live info” to the apps on your watch face. Instead of the standard “calendar” icon, your calendar app bubble can show the current date:

Long press the bubble which you would like to show the date (instead of its icon). Then scroll up on the Bubble Edit screen to the “Assign Live info” section, and select the date live info.


Press the hardware button to go back to the watch face.  Tapping on the icon will still open the app, but instead of its icon, you will see the date (and day).
You can assign the battery level to a different bubble in the same manner:


If you use the phone app, the same can be achieved if you press the (+i) button in the Wear Cloud Editor next to thebubble:

I recommend doing it from the Wear Cloud editor, because there are a lot more options there:


2) Watch face complication

Watch face complications. Just like other Wear OS watch faces, Bubble Clouds also supports watch face complications. You can put all kinds information from other installed apps. For example various weather related information if you have AccuWeather installed on your watch:

Screenshot_1524915548.png Screenshot_1524915550.png

Screenshot_1524915556.png Screenshot_1524915561.png
You will find the date under the “clock” group.
Just like with the other bubbles, you can choose which cloud, favorites or archive this bubble is going to go in. Choose the favorite to have it shown on your watch face:


I made a video about a similar topic (adding battery level):

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