v9.80: variable screen resolution support + more

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What’s new

  • Store widget sizes for different resolutions (details below)
  • Improved screen reader support in widget/folder related parts of the app (content descriptions for FABS, image buttons and action bars)
  • Improved shared preferences stability
  • No more “Redraw widget” message when tapping on bubble move in different type of cloud
  • Auto-color is enabled by default for contact bubble cloud home screen widgets as well

Wear OS

  • Some live info bubble options were showing in the bubble edit screen when they should not be assigned (e.g. for notification icons etc)
  • Scheduled toggle bubble Toast formatting (leading zero for minutes)

Beta 8 
Thank you to Adam Sitkiewicz for inspiring these two changes:

  • “New card vibration” setting (under “More options” in the phone app) now affects Bubble Cloud peek cards as well: when card is updated watch will vibrate unless watch is in Do-not-disturb mode.

    (available in watch face mode only)
  • Long press peek card for option “Open notification via plugin” to choose whether the Notification icons plugin or the standard Wear OS notification is shown when you tap on the peek card

Beta 9

  • Fixed issue with setting “new card vibration” not sticking
  • Inhibit new card vibration when watch is on charger

Widget measurements

Android home screen widgets are similar to mini-applications. The launcher tells the widget-provider (in our case Bubble Cloud) the size of the screen area, the widget-app produces the content of the widget, which the launcher then displays in the selected area. Normally the widget app doesn’t have any information about the position of the widget on the screen.

There are two cases when Bubble Cloud needs to know the exact position of the widget on the screen:

  1. When we want to place petal-options around the bubbles as you tap on them:
  2. When we enable bubble animations, we need the starting point

To get the exact size and position of the widget on the screen, Bubble Cloud prompts you to “measure” the widget:

Bubble Cloud will be able to use the measured widget size until you resize the widget, or something else causes the widget size to change…

Screen resolution

New phones can change the screen resolution, different apps may set the resolution or even battery-saving mode lowers the resolution automatically.

Everytime the screen resolution changes it resets the widget-measurements for Bubble Cloud. This was the reason we had to set the size again and again.

I now changed the app to be able to remember widget measurements for different screen resolutions.

This means, in the beginning the app will still ask you to set the widget measurements for every screen orientation and every screen resolution, but then it will be able to remember those (but only until you manually resize the widget!)

Author: greg

the dev