v9.48beta4: Gauge type progress watch face complications

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v9.48beta4 → Play

  • Gauge-type (scale) watch face complication option
  • Gauge pointer and scale options in Apply Theme screen on watch and selective 1-click theme apply screen on phone
  • Theme pack 8’s analog themes updated with 8 unique gauge styles

Update: beta5

  • Bubble Edit screen was not showing “progress indicator” control after adding a range-type complication
  • When placing a non-range type complication after setting one to gauge-type, non-range complication appeared as gauge
  • Added translations for all new text – Native speakers, please leave a comment if you know a better translation

How to set

Long press a range-type watch face complication, then pick the option “Gauge”:

There are now 3 basic ways Bubble Cloud can show range-type complications:

  • Bubble Cloud classic color codes (red=0% green=100%)
  • Wear OS standard closing circle/ring
  • Gauge

There are some combination styles (color + ring) and also the option to reverse the colors (red=100% green=0% better for air pollution, UV radiation etc.)

Gauge styles

Theme packs can now supply both a scale and a pointer for the gauge complication. You can use all existing theme packs to style the pointer (the hour hand is used by default).


Theme Pack #8 updated

Get it on Google PlayI have added gauge options to each of the 8 analog themes in Theme Pack #8:

  • Dedicated active and ambient pointers (not the default hour hands)
  • Various scale orientations and arc lengths
  • Infinite variability: you can use a scale or hand from a different theme (see selective theme application)

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Author: greg

the dev