Coming (back) soon: Tiles on Wear OS 4 (Galaxy Watch 6 and Pixel Watch 2)

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Back in 2019 Buble Cloud was one of the first apps on Wear OS to provide launcher tiles:

Wear OS 4

Google made some changes to Wear OS (again) which broke backwards compatibility for tiles. Google’s idea is for developers to switch to their new (official) tile system, but that would break compatibility with some older Wear OS 2.x devices. I wouldn’t do this to my existing users with Wear OS 2.x watches, since Google is not providing an upgrade path to Wear OS 3 for older watches 🙁

Status update

After much trial and error I found a way to bring tiles back to Wear OS 3 and 4 while keeping the classic tile engine working on Wear OS 2 and earlier watches. I am already working on a new version that will bring tiles back on the new watches like the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Pixel Watch 2.

This is a major undertaking, and it will take a few more days until the very first beta versions to become available, but I wanted to share the encouraging news!

Author: greg

the dev