Fix bubble position but not the size?

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Q: Is there an option to fix the positions but not the size? I don’t want to fix both at the same time
A: Well, the two are very closely related. The “disorganized-but-organized” look of these clouds comes from the fact, that even though we have variable size bubbles, they are equidistant from each other, that gives the organized feel to it.
This is a very complex algorithm that is the heart of this app. I spent months in the beginning of this app development coming up with the cloud forming system that produces these natural looking clouds.
Look what would happen if we kept the location but changed the sizes:
But we have a number of different bubble arrangements and you can swap bubbles within these layouts:
more-bubble-cloud-layouts-face (Small).jpg
More about these layouts here: Layout options for home screen widgets
Thank you to Torben-Matties for the great question!

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