v9.44beta4 → Play

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v9.44beta4 → Play
► New switch (in Shortcuts section on watch): alternative long press remap method for Wear OS “H” (API 28)

► Trigger reload button assignments on watch
► Prevent changing the 2nd button press unless the first press is set (on phone)
► Button settings were not correctly stored on the phone (only sent to watch)
► Layout corrections in Shortcut settings screens (both watch and phone) for Android Wear 1.x watches
► Bubble Edit screen did not have the Assign to shortcut command on Android Wear 1.x watches

API 28 (Wear OS “H”) emulator became available and I tested the app. I am not sure how “Standby buckets” will affect the app (the OS kills processes its AI decides the user doesn’t need). Unfortunately I feel Google’s AI is tuned against my app, so this could cause hiccups in the app-drawer mode (if the app drawer is killed by the OS for your benefit), but I can’t imagine them killing the active watch face…

It seemed we lose the ability to remap the long press of the hardware button in Wear OS “H”. It scared me for a while, but with some fiddling I was able to find another workaround which is now added into the app.

All’s good, except I could imagine spending my time with better things than trying to fix what Google breaks in each new release…

Author: greg

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