v9.86: Quick panel improvements + more

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What’s new

Beta 2:

How to assign content to Quick Swipe Panel?

  1. Long tap bubble
  2. Select Assign shortcut
  3. Choose Quick Swipe Panel

Details on Quick Swipe Panel here: Quick Swipe Panel: swipe both ways from watch face

Beta 1:

  • Do not open app drawer after settings if coming from settings tile [tip: Cesar Juarez]
  • Theater mode dim level seekbar for more granular control of ambient brightness [tip: James Paulley]
  • Quick-Swipe Panel folder → show folder, not just the folder icon [tip: Roger Björg]
  • Could not set folder background color / label color on watch (it was changing the archive cloud colors)
  • The hints on the non-dimming smooth moving clock are shown even with hints disabled [RB]
  • The non-dimming clock haptic feedback hint is shown even if haptic feedback is disabled. [RB]
  • The non-dimming clock sometimes does not move the second-hand or moves it jerkily or stops moving after a few seconds. [RB]
  • The non-dimming clock does not vibrate even if haptic feedback is enabled [RB]
  • The top-text may forget its position and attributes after Tasker bubble partial update [RB]
  • The top-text may forget its position and attributes when using split auto layout [RB]

Home screen widget improvements in v9.86

Beta version


Please test and report any issues

I give this version now into the hands of beta testers. You are the first to enjoy these new features, but in return for the early access I ask you to report any problems you find:

  • crashes, hangs, regression issues (especially if they are reproducible)
  • operation problems (unexpected behavior, mistakes)
  • grammatical errors in text
  • layout color / visibility / alignment problems (it helps if you include a screenshot)
  • illogical or missing functionality
  • further improvement suggestions

Thank you for your help!

See: become a beta tester

Author: greg

the dev