Wear Contact Cloud

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There are two ways to call or text contacts quickly from Bubble Cloud:

I. Contact watch face complications

If you are using the Bubble Cloud watch face, you can add Contacts as watch face complications:

(By Wear OS limitation complications can only be added on the watch itself, not from the companion app)
Of course Bubble Cloud lets you add unlimited number of watch face complications, and they can go in the app drawer and in folders on the watch as well. See these contact complications on the 2nd page of the app drawer with the faces:

Pressing these faces will let you call or text them

II. Wear Contacts

Alternatively you can use the Contact cloud of Bubble Clouds. However a recent policy change in Google Play Store made sending text from the watch via the phone companion app impossible. I worked around this new restriction with a plugin. You can read more about this in the post Google kills contacts and SMS / Auto-populate by recently contacted

With the plugin, it is still a viable option. And you can now place the contact cloud on the other side of the watch face:

Contacts in Quick Panel

Wear Contacts Cloud is before a major rework (you will be able to add contact bubbles to any folder or cloud on the watch). But for now you can add them to a cloud of their own using the navigation item “Wear Contacts” on the phone:

After updating the contacts, you might need to press “Resync with watch”:


Author: greg

the dev