v9.64beta3..8: new folder background option + more

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New in this beta:

  • Fine tuning the UI update:
    • color issues
    • text phrasing
    • control visibility
  • Added a third option for folder background: folders can now use their custom bubble image as folder background image:
  • The same option is also available in the folder properties on the watch:
    (The background image coming from the archive cloud is now marked with the archive cloud symbol) [Inspiration for this new option by Elliott Locke]

Beta 4

Production release 9.64.4

  • increased watch folder bubble image resolution to cover the screen if used as background
  • the option “merge smaller clouds” is now also available for “Corner” and “Galaxy” archive layouts [requested by Elliott Locke]
  • archive cloud distribution showed bubbles in folders incorrectly (under “bubble weight → which cloud”)
  • bulk commands (at the bottom of expert screen on watch) did not handle bubbles in folders correctly (removed all from folders!)

Beta 5

Production release 9.64.5

  • light font related setting no longer getting stuck
  • icon pack drop down list visibility in dark mode (Cloud config screen and Wear Cloud Editor apply icon pack)

Beta 6

Production release 9.64.6 (wear + widgets)

  • Emergency update: crash when applying 1-click themes
  • a little more aggressive about recommending theme pack #13 when 24-hour analog option is selected
  • backup/restore did not include some expert settings on the watch

Beta 7

Production release 9.64.7 (wear)

  • Crash when using reset “Font and backgrounds” at the bottom of the “More options” group, and haven’t opened 1-click themes section first
  • Reset “Font and backgrounds” is now aware of the option “background by minute of the hour”
  • Changed wording for option “Triple-tap screen to unlock” (was “to exit theater mode”)

Beta 8

  • Crash when trying to apply favorite background for 24 hour analog theme in the phone app

Author: greg

the dev