Wear Stand Up Alert v3.10beta: full Wear OS 3.0 / Galaxy Watch 4 compatibility

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An update to Wear Stand Up Alert (v3.10) is available to beta testers (opt in/out beta test here):

  • Compatible with Wear OS 3.0 (Android 10) permission requirements
  • Bugfixes and improvements

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has its own inactivity reminder built-in, but Wear Stand Up Alert has some unique features you might want:

  • 2-hour step count history chart shows your activity in more detail
  • you can set a minimum step count limit (25-200 steps) and reminder frequency (30-120 minutes): so it can get you to walk around a bit, not just get up from your seat

Now the app is fully compatible with the Galaxy Watch 4, both in

  • stand-alone mode (requires a complication capable watch face and the use of always-on-screen and/or tilt-to-wake is recommended)
  • and as a plugin for Bubble Cloud watch face (no special requirements in this case, just make sure to get Bubble Cloud v10.0.2 or newer – initially it is also available to Beta testers only → Become a beta tester)

For more information see

Wear Stand Up Alert

Easy set up on Galaxy Watch 4

You will need a watch face that allows you to add watch face complications, such as this built-in one:
Long press to customize, and swipe horizontally to go to “Complications”:
Tap one of the complication slots and choose “Inactivity timer” from the list under Wear Stand Up Alert:
If done correctly, you will see the minutes spent seated shown by the complication:
You can tap it to change settings. For more information please see Wear Stand Up Alert

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