v9.40beta → Play

v9.40beta → Play
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v9.40beta → Play
► New long press option: “Accidental push alert” (make sound + vibrate to prevent rebooting watch when hardware button gets pressed for a long time) [tip: Jens Meinig]
► Handle a toggle bubble related crash in Wear Cloud Editor more graciously

Some watches still have the button/crown in the center and for some, it gets pressed easily, when you hold your hand in a certain way. Pressing the main button for 8sec reboots the watch. If this is a problem, you can enable this warning sound+buzz. When you hear the sound you have 4-6 seconds to release the button.
► Set a second long press action to some other function to delay the sound by 2 seconds.
► Release and press the button again to cancel the sound.
► No sound when Do-not-disturb is enabled on the watch
► I have added a color icon to highlight the fact, when this feature is enabled (it can be pretty annoying if you forget you set this option and your watch starts to beep when you long press)

Author: greg

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