Version 9.42 → Play Store (both Widget + Wear apps)

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Version 9.42 → Play Store (both Widget + Wear apps)
Slow roll-out. To get it now, join beta test:
? New analog↔digital clock toggle bubble
? Improved connectivity icon in phone app
► Further improved the OREO helper app (see below)

?=see Feature Hightlight section for details:

► No need to “Clear theme” when switching analog→digital
► Prompt to update main app if Premium Key is newer
► Dim screen behind all dialog boxes (bubble edit etc)
► Outline ambient font by default for 4 more themes
► Show warning in Wear Cloud Editor when toggling selective ambient visibility while ambient mode is not set to selective ambient
► More descriptive labels for center/corner theme pieces (not just “extra”)
► Keep track of separate margin settings for various layouts
► Improved “Reset” option in “1-click themes” on phone see below
► Clicking “Default” in the color picker for transparent background themes will set the theme’s default background color (had to press cancel for it earlier)
► Adding more theme components after recoloring them on the watch did not include them unless you adjusted the colors again before pressing “OK”
► Shorten the “this theme works best with x bubbles or less” if user ever long pressed a bubble to edit
► You can now always sticky open apps without double-tap to sticky open being enabled

► Rare THREAD_POOL related crash in the phone app
► Rare crash when leaving phone app too quickly
► Rare crash in Wear Cloud Editor while editing Tasker bubbles
► Rare corrupted bubble image resource related crash in phone folders
► Crash in 1-click theme selector / selective apply on the phone
► App drawer opening complication did not always work on Oreo
► Fixed a bug when restoring default font using the phone app
► Distorted contact bubbles on watches with chin (flat tire)

► Moved more helper routines into Premium Key 9.41 (beta) and Summary 1.10 to detect charger, wifi and ringmode changes (no longer possible in Oreo)
► Show a hint at the bottom of the watch-face settings group in expert mode, to install/activate this PreOreo Helper (=Summary app)
► Alternative: Premium Key users can get the new beta that has all the preOreo routines:

► Clock dial is no longer shown behind digital clock bubbles, except when a custom icon or image is set_ (see screenshots below)
► Keep track of separate margin settings for full screen analog clock layout and other layouts (their function differ, improves toggling clock types)
► All new Clock toggle bubble → see

Select the last item (=”default font on black”) in “1-click theme” section on phone
► clears theme (if Apply All set)
► restores default font (if Apply All is not set)


Detailed change log:

As you can see, ton of new things added, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

My app is getting an increased number bad ratings lately. If you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5★ rating. It helps tremendously:
Thank you!

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