Coming soon: Arc Field Theme Pack

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Coming soon

The showcased features are not yet in any of the released versions of Bubble Cloud!

The new Arc Complication Plugin / Theme Pack #14 will include 6 themes to showcase the possibilities, but also enable you to add arc-edge complications to any Bubble Cloud watch face, including your custom themes and themes from any of the existing theme packs.

Please note, Theme Pack #14 is not yet released. I am working on it.

Themes included

The following 6 themes will be included in the new theme pack (it will also act as a plugin the enable adding arc complications to any Bubble Cloud watch face)


Similar to all other theme packs, these themes come with high variability in terms of layout and color. The three analog themes have included digital alternatives if you switch the clock bubble to “digital”. All can be used with the Text Clock plugin to show time using words in various languages – see details below):


  • New: all themes in this pack include arc complications and preconfigured text fields, which however can be turned off for alternative variants
  • When this theme pack is installed, the arc complications will become available  as options for every other theme and theme pack as well!
  • All themes come with full-alphabet fonts, so they can be used for text-clocks in 10 languages (of course you’ll need the text-clock plugin pack)
  • All themes can be color tuned for unlimited number of color combinations
  • Analog themes include matching range complication gauges and pointers
  • Analog themes have digital-variants (with a bit of manual modifications, which you will be able to save as custom themes for yourself.

I can still make adjustments before release. Your feedback is welcome!

Author: greg

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