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v9.44beta1 → Play
► New “Shortcuts” section in phone settings
► New “Shortcuts” section in watch settings
► New “Unified shortcut assignment” in Bubble Edit on watch
► Customize 2nd and 3rd button (single and double press)
► Customize clock bubble tap/double tap, long tap actions

► Unification made other settings screens little less crowded
► During auto-installation of notification icons plugin, the app should not show the notice “Move x bubbles away from the watch face” (it only has 4 by default)
► Added warning “OK Google” will not work when gesture detection is enabled on watch face
► Clarified menu command “show hidden bubbles” (instead of show hidden apps)
► Clarified message “triple tap screen to exit theater mode” (it used to say “Hold screen”) It’s actually triple tap, then a message comes to hold.
► Added long press clock bubble in app drawer mode. It will start voice search by default (enable “Show hidden bubbles” to long press-edit clock bubble)
► Designed new bubbles for button actions (button 2 and 3)
► New shortcut settings and 2nd long press configuration backed up and restored

► If phone is Lollipop or older treat notification icons as color icons (do not apply uniform color filter) – you can still override the color filter
► In Notification Bubble Color settings you have to override the “uniform color” for “override theme bubble” to take effect (app will no prevent to check them independently)
► Bubble Edit screen had wrong controls for toggle, lock, and clock bubbles
► Updated the years in the intro text “I have worked 4 years on the app” (was still 3)
► Show long button press assignment of Theater, Sunlight, Timer, Assistant correctly in the Bubble Edit screen too
► The first option used to say “default (voice search)” even for the 2nd long press of the hardware key in the settings on the phone

The app is supposed to detect if your watch has customizable secondary and tertiary buttons. Please let me know if they are not correctly identified.

Of course we have very deep changes in the app again, so please report any crashes, unexpected behavior, or if something doesn’t make sense to you.

Thank you for testing!

Author: greg

the dev