Final betas before release for the wrist gesture enabled notifications

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Full changelog

For detailed description and video demo see Wrist gestures (even on Galaxy Watch 4!)

Notification icons app

  • v3.000
    +gesture support on Wear OS 2 and 3 enabled by default
    +long press cogs for settings (e.g. to disable gestures)
    +long press 3 emojis for color options (on first use a short tutorial will prompt you to try)
    ~targeting Android 10
    *problem showing “open on phone” animation
  • v3.001
    +translations for new strings
  • v3.002
    *long press items fired if you exited the app via swiping right touching that part of the screen
    +raise hand to exit app (if notification detail is shown it first goes back to list)
    +gestures hint shown in settingsű
  • v3.003
    *workaround for deprecated WearableActivity crash
  • v3.004
    +option for right wrist wear (default: left)
    +options: raise to exit, down to exit (default: raise only)
  • v3.005
    ~gestures are off by default (bubble cloud peek card gesture temporarily enables gestures)
    ~bubble cloud peek card gesture will open top notification detail view (exit to list via hand up/down or flick up)
  • v3.006
    *improved top/bottom long press detection
    +added scroll via rotating crown/bezel
  • v3.007
    *only show hand up/down options on Galaxy Watch 4
  • v3.008
    *still trying to fix$Stub$Proxy.detach issue
    *improve gesture detection (same method as Bubble Cloud peek card a bit higher sensitivity)
  • v3.009
    *crash if AOD is not enabled or cannot be enabled
    *crash while showing list of notifications

Bubble Cloud watch face

  • v9.94.6
    +GW4 gesture to show / hide peek card (needed to be implemented since OS no longer supports it)
    *App did not allow changing the clock bubble background color in custom layout [reported by Cjacoballen]
  • v9.95.0
    +if peek card option “Open notification via plugin” is set we open to Notification icons via up gesture on Wear OS 2.x watches too!
    +improved wrist gesture detection:
    A) peek card up: turn quickly away, slowly back
    B) Peek card down: slowly away, quickly back
    C) Up when peek card is already up = Notification Icons app
  • v9.95.1
    *attempt to fix onDestroy crash by moving onDestroy actions to onPause
    *=Fixed issue preventing bubble image change (in home screen widgets as well!)
    *=Fixed imported bubble image crop issue when input image was too small [Matej Drobnič]
  • v9.95.2
    ~no gesture detection for demo card
    +note in backup screen about needing Pro license to restore
  • v9.95.3-4
    *attempt to fix Ambient / onDestroy crash (realized it is not a bug in my system but rather a Wear OS / AndroidX system bug)
  • v9.95.5
    ~battery saving: no wrist gesture detection if card is empty or favorite cloud is not visible on screen
    *bubble weights on watch kept changing even if option “lock bubble size, position” was enabled for the cloud
  • v9.95.6
    +added link from notification icons bubble edit screen to gesture settings (in notification icons app)

    +added wrist gesture icon to expert settings notification and what’s new page
    *fixed empty card detection (gestures are disabled when there is no card or card is empty or shows “No notifications”)

  • v9.95.7
    +improved rotating crown/bezel behavior (new library + haptic feedback)
  • v9.95.8
    *tweak gesture detection: it was too strict
  • v9.95.9
    *tweaked gesture sensitivity: now it was too lenient (I think I found the perfect balance now!)
    +warning about wrist gestures on GW4 only working in AOD!!! [thank you Alan Zeng for pointing this out!]
    ~AndroidX libraries updated from 1.2.0 to 1.3.1 (1.3.0 caused crashes in June, but since then Google reportedly fixed the issue)
    *2×Button assign still did not work correctly on GW4 (now links to this help website as well)

    *Multi-toast guides (button assign / hide overlay warning) on GW4 will quit if you exit back to Bubble Cloud from the settings

  • v9.96.0 (fix for blank screens in phone app on Android 11 devices)
    *workaround for AndroidX 1.3/API 30 FragmentTransaction.replace bug: Google API update broke the phone companion app on phones with Android 11 (nightmare!)
  • v9.96.1
    *still trying to fix$Stub$Proxy.detach issue
  • v9.96.2
    *Gesture detect crash when AOD is not enabled
    *Crash when new app is installed
    *Crash when step count permission is already given

More info

See video demo and detailed description of the new features in the release notes:

Author: greg

the dev