v9.84: Oppo watch + more

v9.84: Oppo watch compatibility + more
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Get version 9.84

The new version (9.84.6) has started to roll out on the Play Store.

You can get it early if you join the beta test: Become a beta tester

What’s new in v9.84

  • Added compatibility with rectangular watches (this is the first fully compatible version with the new Oppo watch!) – gallery below showing how some of the 1-click themes adapt to this new form factor
  • Home screen widgets work better on Samsung phones, no need to re-measure widgets any more (for bubble animation / petal options)

Smaller improvements

  • Updated Galaxy (“Apple watch”) layout to include 2 extra bubbles (10 extra on rectangular watches!)
  • Updated text fields on Clock layout: bubble will not be rearranged if text field is vertically shifted out of the way
  • improved settings screen layouts on square/rectangular watches (less side padding)
  • show reminder to remeasure instead of resetting widget measurements (toggling navigation bar used to reset all widgets, found no better way to prevent)
  • background location disclosure (Google still rejected request to poll coarse location in the background to keep weather / sunset / sunrise information updated)
  • offer help when linked theme-bubble needs to be deleted before removing custom theme (both watch and phone)
  • offer help when creating theme-bubbles or applying themes (on the watch)
  • text fields are now available for all layouts for tall screen watches (i.e. Oppo) – help utilize top/bottom parts of the screen


  • shortcut settings group always expanded in phone app
  • rare crash when saving custom themes
  • fixed crash when using widget non-alternating grid layout
  • fixed crash filtering icon packs
  • fixed app-drawer mode preview on watch: used active mode instead of preview when not in overlay mode
  • fixed issue sometimes preventing icon pack to transfer to watch
  • fixed margin issues in folders with labels on the watch
  • crash related to text field settings on the watch
  • long text field format strings could break custom theme / undo theme save routines (limited to 40 chars and extended buffer)
  • crash during ad init
  • faulty small image complications providers could crash Bubble Cloud
  • TicWatch apps did not open correctly from the watch face
  • small image complications causing a crash
  • square smart auto layout had issues with 6 or fewer bubbles
  • fixed split smart auto layouts margins (both curved and straight)

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Screenshots (rectangular screen examples)

Author: greg

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