v9.43beta3 → Play

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v9.43beta3 → Play
► When applying themes, use seconds color as optional icon/overflow text color in notification bubbles (when overridden)
► Ambient bubbles were also drawn after switching from watch-face mode to app-drawer mode (caused notification bubbles to fail)
► Ongoing notification is removed when app is killed and restarted in the background
► Notification bubbles caused bubble colors to get mixed up
► Notification bubbles did not work well with custom layouts (make sure to have as many notification bubbles displayed as you want before starting to work on custom layout)
► Notification icons did not update if their number did not change
► Warning in Bubble Cloud phone app (and “fix” button) for missing notification access
► Warning in Bubble Cloud phone app (and “unhide” button) if notification bubble is hidden

Author: greg

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