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Get it on Google PlayNOTIFICATION WATCH FACE THEME for Bubble Clouds
► Notification plugin:

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Get it on Google PlaySTATUS ICONS PLUGIN

► It’s a paid extension
► The Premium license only unlocks premium features of the main app
► This is a separate app that needs to be installed on your phone and watch


1. Make sure you have main app updated to v9.43 or newer
2. Find the new “Notification Bubbles” section in phone app
3. Install this theme/plugin to both phone and watch
4. Open “Status Bubbles” on the watch
5. You will get a prompt to enable Notification Access on phone
6. The notification bubbles should appear on your watch face

I show it in a short video:


► Tap any notification bubble to expand
→ “Phone+Eye” button to open on phone
→ “Block” button to blacklist app (long press)
→ “Trash” button to dismiss notification on phone+watch
→ Tap an expanded notification to go back to the list
► Tap the overflow (+X) bubble to see full list of notifications
→ “Gear icon” at top of list to change settings
→ Swipe left to dismiss a notification (BLUE)
→ Swipe left to blacklist a persistent notification (RED)
→ “Clear filter” at bottom of list to see full list
→ “Dismiss all” at bottom (press and hold for 1 sec)
► Long press any notification bubble to change settings
→ Max number of status bubbles (they are added dynamically)
→ Option to show app icon when no active notifications
→ Open app on phone for more settings


► Tap on “Status bubbles” in the Wear Cloud Editor
→ Customize all colors
→ Options to override the theme colors
→ Some colors have transparency control (!)
→ Press “Apply” to see changes on the watch
→ Button to blacklist/whitelist screen
► “Funnel” icon in Wear Cloud Editor → black/whitelist directly
→ You can only blacklist apps on the watch (“Block” button)
→ Use “+” floating action button to blacklist/whitelist phrases
→ Tap a list item to edit
→ Swipe left to remove apps/phrases from the list
→ Effects of the filter changes appear on the watch right away!


► Whitelisting overrides black lists.
So if you have blacklisted an app, but its notification includes a whitelisted phrase it will still show up. Also, if you blacklist and whitelist the same phrase it will still be shown.
► Phrase filters are case insensitive
► Use leading and trailing spaces cleverly!
► Wildcards might come if requested

Hidden feature: Block all notifications except a few whitelisted apps

Troubleshooting: Refer to this checklist if the status icons don’t appear on your watch face

More screenshots and features

Author: greg

the dev