v9.42beta4 → Play

v9.42beta4 → Play
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v9.42beta4 → Play
► Keep track of separate margin settings for full screen analog clock layout and other layouts (their function differ, improves toggling clock types)

…and Ironing out those proverbial kinks:
► Fixed a bug when restoring default font using the phone app
► Select the last item (=”default font on black”) in “1-click theme” section on phone
→ clears theme (if Apply All set)
→ restores default font (if Apply All is not set)
► Crash when selecting backgrounds which have their extra parameter renamed (in v9.42.1)
► Clicking “Default” in the color picker for transparent background themes will set the theme’s default background color (had to press cancel for it earlier)
► Adding more theme components after recoloring them on the watch did not include them unless you adjusted the colors again before pressing “OK”
► Distorted contact bubbles on watches with chin (flat tire)
► Shorten the “this theme works best with x bubbles or less” if user ever long pressed a bubble to edit
► You can now always sticky open apps without double-tap to sticky open being enabled

Many of the above have annoyed us long enough, finally I managed to fix these smaller quirks.

Author: greg

the dev