v9.48beta: new ring progress indicator

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v9.48beta → Play

  • Optional ring progress indicators in range-type watch face complications
    (above time: “color indicator” vs “ring indicator” vs “color + ring”)
  • Optional standard Wear OS complication layout (below time: “Bubble Cloud classic” vs “Wear OS standard”)

Bug fixes:

  • Crash when pressing secondary buttons in folder/smart home bubbles screen on watch if no secondary button press was configured
  • Did not enable bookmarks/contacts if first widget was restored from folder or orphan
  • Crash on Android 7 Wear OS watches when double tapping to reset color hue/saturation/brightness bars while applying 1-click themes

Progress indicator

Configuration: long press complication bubbles on the watch

Ambient mode (hollow)

Uniform color (themed) complication bubbles:

Note: Wear OS standard ComplicationDrawable does not seem to utilize the burn-in aware icons supplied by complication providers. I see the same happening on other watch faces.

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Author: greg

the dev