v9.40beta2 → Play (Bug fixes)

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► Alarm/timer icons should not use uniform color
► Watch face was not updated after duplicating a color if preview was enabled
► No shadow applied when some digits need different shadow color in single row digital time (e.g. hours light, minutes dark)
► Crash when trying to edit a complication bubble on an Android Wear 1.x watch (possible from restored data of a WearOS watch backup)
► Crash after requesting permission to access complication data
► Fallback for Toasts if overlays are disabled on watch (folders are still usable as watch face complications!)



► Fixed folder icon creation on Oreo+ (see screenshot)
► Old folder icon was not correctly removed/disabled after you import the cloud into a different folder
► Updated contact scan to use JobScheduler on Android Oreo and later
► Andoid Oreo: show mandatory notification while editing/measuring widgets (it can be hidden)
► Widget app now targets Android Oreo
(Wear + Widget phone app update coming soon)

Author: greg

the dev