v9.51beta: Default contact petals

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v9.51beta0 → Play

  • Long press to mark default phone numbers and email addresses in Contact Bubble Clouds (see video below)

Smaller changes and bug fixes

  • Updated theme pack #4 #8 #9 teaser icons (phone + watch)
  • Filter repeating phone numbers even if punctuation is different
  • Contact petals did not show multiple email addresses
  • Relinked contact bubbles were corrupted
  • Relink contact bubbles also when widget action is not set to petal options

Beta 1 (March 21)

  • Store default number/email selection into system contact database (new permission needed: WRITE_CONTACTS)
  • Petal option toast message style
  • Translations for new strings

Beta 2 (March 24)

  • Show number when bubble with phone number is selected before action (call/text/etc)
  • Newly added contact bubble images are now editable: border size/color (bubbles added before v9.51.2 need to be re-added) [bugreport: Pat Hall – thank you!]

Beta 3 (March 26)

  • Missing “Authorise Gmail” option from Wear Contact’s screen (in Portrait mode)

See sidebar on how to join the beta test

Author: greg

the dev