How to set bookmark cloud’s background color

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Questions regarding Bookmark Bubble Clouds continue:

“I am trying to create a bookmark cloud. It has the default grey background. But unlike the app clouds, I can’t seem to change the background colour of the bookmark cloud.”


Legitimate question! Bookmark widgets are tricky, as there is no “Cloud configuration” screen for them, so you will need to change the default settings (in the “Bubble Cloud Settings” app)

Another solution is to move your bookmark bubbles into an app bubble cloud and use that instead:

Original bookmark cloud:
Select the cloud in the “Widgets + Folders” screen, and duplicate it by exporting then importing in one go: 
The imported cloud will appear as an “Imported bubble cloud” (you can tell that cloud “Apps #1” in the example has 3 bookmarks)
Now Create a regular “Apps widget”, and when asked, restore the bookmarks into this:
Here is the Bookmark cloud imported and restored into an app cloud – looks and acts the same:
Later when you need to add more bookmarks, you can select this cloud as the target (Bubble Cloud will remember your choice):
My long term aim is to unify the different cloud types. Initially the Bookmark cloud is treated separately, because historically it is one of the clouds available under the Free license.

Author: greg

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