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  • Changed every Google+ hook in the app to the new Bubble Clouds website ( → details below)

Bug fixes

Big thank you to +Dale Highfill for reporting these bugs:

  • Updated the phrasing of the waring when trying to adjust uniform color for ambient bubbles
    “no ambient bubbles (you chose to only have the clock in ambient mode under Watchface settings)”
  • Hide (disable?) minutes color box when outline is enabled on the phone (fixed in beta0)
  • Wear Cloud Editor will switch to “filled bubbles” only in the cloud where the app bubble with the custom image is (beta0)
  • Remove center/corner item when clear clock defaults on phone (beta1)

Other bugs corrected in this release:

  • Rare bubble animation crash on phone (affects widget-only app too)
  • Crash when clicking on notification icons video link
  • Crash when assigning certain complications to the peek card
  • Crash during startup on watch
  • Empty folders opened via button crashed when long press selected. No more crash.
  • Double long press invoked double secondary press function
  • Rare crash when pressing the secondary button on watch

New website!!!

In the beginning of the week Google announced they are abandoning Google+ even faster than was originally planned. As you know, both the main website and the beta tester community is on Google+ with close to 6000 followers in total:

  • main Google+ pages have 680 posts in 8 collections
  • beta tester’s Google+ community has over 700 posts and a lot of comments

This week I migrated everything over to a new standalone site:

In the new v9.45 version all the links now point to the new site instead of Google+

Both feedback / knowledge base search options in the app now link to the new website:


I will keep Google+ running until it disappears, new posts will appear on the new site, crossposting to:

  • Either of the Google+ sites (Main, Beta)
  • Twitter (please follow)
  • Facebook (please follow)
  • New videos will keep appearing on Youtube
  • I will keep posting free icon packs and free watch face themes to Instagram

Please let me know what other network would you like me to use instead of Google+ (Reddit? XDA-Developers?)

Author: greg

the dev