Add bubbles to the Bubble Cloud Tile

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New: add bubbles to the Bubble Cloud tile

  • In addition to the tile, which simply opened the app drawer, now you can assign a whole folder of bubbles to the Bubble Cloud Tile:
  • The tile will show the folder with an optional “more” bubble (3-dots), which opens the app drawer
  • You can add the this 3-dot “more” bubble to any folder:
    • it will take you to the app drawer for folders in tiles and opened from watch face complications
    • it will take you to the the settings screen for the folder if the it was opened from the the app drawer
  • All Smart-auto layouts work for the folder-tile as well:

    See this post on how to adjust layout for folders

  • You can assign any folder to the tile:
    • Long press on the folder bubble and scroll down on the folder bubble edit screen for the setting:
    • WearOS currently only allows 1 tile per application. So you can have only one folder assigned
    • You can however move folders into the folder-tile, for organized access:
    • Select “Open app drawer” to return to the way the Bubble Cloud tile worked earlier
  • When moving bubbles into the folders (using the cloud selector on the top of the screen) the tile folder is now marked with the tile symbol
  • Tap the tile/folder symbol to select folder (it will even create a new folder: look for the “+” sign in front of the folder’s name – i.e. ?+Folder3)
  • Archive / Folder

    The folder which is assigned to the tile stays accessible from the app drawer too:

    • You cannot edit bubbles when the folder is shown as tile (since WearOS handles long presses)
    • To edit the bubbles in the folder you need to open it from your app drawer
    • The folder will have the Tile symbol (see in red on the right) unless you customize the folder bubble from the Wear Cloud Editor on the phone.
    • Of course you can hide the folder, and then it’s only visible when the option “Show hidden bubbles” is enabled:

Watch the above video for demo and explanation

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