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Is it still possible to hide the permanent overlay notification on wearos 4.0

Hide overlay warning on Galaxy Watch

Original instructions
for Wear OS 2 and 3

“Bubble Cloud is displaying over other apps” → It CAN be removed!

Here we go again, a new batch of watches are receiving Android 8.0, a new wave of angry users punish my app instead of Google’s stupid decision to show this message 🙁

There are two ways to remove this notification (for good!):

Note: New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 requires different steps, please see above!

1) Quick way: simply long press on the notification and turn off the switch on the screen “Android System notifications” (short-tapping on the notification takes you to the screen which turns off the feature — that’s NOT what we want!)

I show the fix in this short video:

2) If you cannot get long pressing to work, there is an alternative method (shown steps 1→7 below):

Settings → Apps & Notifications → App Notifications → Show All → System Apps → Android System → Scroll all the way to the bottom to the section “Display over other apps” → You will see two apps here: “Android Wear” and “Bubble Cloud”, turn off switch for Bubble Cloud. (you can see it is not my app that shows this notification, but the new Android System…)

Please email me at, if you still have trouble.


My app works by displaying over other apps. That’s how the app drawer can be implemented. This new message is not from my app. The Android system is showing this. Google did not even translate this message to other languages. German watches show this stupid message in English?! I am very angry at them!

They don’t tell you you can remove the notification. Few people know about the possibility to long press. I put my heart and soul into this project, and I am still getting a lot of bad rating because of this careless move by Google. I am really fed up with them!


Google made this extremely confusing!!! I am so mad at them. The only difference between the two settings, is an “ING”:
► “DISPLAY over other apps”
→ this is the feature that we need.
► “Bubble Cloud displayING over other apps”
→ this is the notification which we don’t want

It’s just crazy!!!

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