Hide overlay warning on Galaxy Watch 4

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Bubble Cloud Overlay mode

Overlay mode is recommended for much better performance even on the powerful Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Underlying Android System will show this ongoing notification for any app using this OS feature.

You can remove the notification, here is how…

When you enable the overlay mode, Bubble Cloud will take you to the Developer Options. For direct access please see steps below.

You only need to do this once. Google and Samsung didn’t make it easy… Most menu commands are at the bottom of the lists, so use the rotating bezel!

If you don’t see the option for Bubble Cloud in step 6, make sure you already have the notification showing.

Other Wear OS watches require different steps!


Show / hide developer options

If you want to access Developer options from settings, here is how to enable it:

Use the same procedure to hide the menu item.

Author: greg

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