Hide overlay warning on Galaxy Watch 4

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Bubble Cloud Overlay mode

Overlay mode is recommended for much better performance even on the powerful Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Underlying Android System will show this ongoing notification for any app using this OS feature.

You can remove the notification, here is how…


Unfortunately Samsung removed the item “System Apps” in their February 2022 system update, and they haven’t fixed this issue in their March bugfix system update either. At this point there are two possible solutions:

  1. live with the persistent Android notification 🙁
  2. turn off overlay mode and use Bubble Clouds in non-overlay mode

I keep looking for a workaround, so far there seems to be none. Samsung’s February 2022 system update caused a lot of problems, this is one of them unfortunately.

This is extremely disappointing. And while other issues with this buggy update affect many apps and users, unfortunately this missing hidden option causes problem to much fewer of us, so the hope is much smaller for them to eventually fix this. Some of the other problems were cured in the March update, this one stays.

I noticed however that since the February update the “System Apps” option is also missing from the Apps section of Settings, making it also impossible to disable system apps users might not want on their watches. These two might be related. Samsung might have only wanted to make it impossible for users to disable Samsung Health on their watch. I was thinking to maybe raise this issue in public discussion, maybe this could gain more visibility.

Read on if you are lucky enough to have a watch without the February update…

When you enable the overlay mode, Bubble Cloud will take you to the Developer Options. For direct access please see steps below.

You only need to do this once. Google and Samsung didn’t make it easy… Most menu commands are at the bottom of the lists, so use the rotating bezel!

If you don’t see the option for Bubble Cloud in step 6, make sure you already have the notification showing.

Other Wear OS watches require different steps!


Show / hide developer options

If you want to access Developer options from settings, here is how to enable it:

Use the same procedure to hide the menu item.

Author: greg

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