Minimalist themes

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Someone on Reddit asked if Bubble Cloud can be made to look similar to Pixel Minimal or Monet watch faces. Of course we have many digital clock themes with similar thin fonts, and you can set the background to black. Here are a few based on the 1-click theme “Comfortaa” (in our Minimal Pack #7):

This short video explains share codes and importable screenshots (i.e. RichImages)

Please note:

  • after importing the themes, you will have to add your bubbles and assign your own watch face complications, as they are not part of 1-click themes. You can long press the text fields and arcs to assign the complication provider of your choice.
  • these themes were created with Bubble Cloud v10.18, which is currently available to beta testers → Become a beta tester
  • as mentioned above all 3 themes use the font “Comfortaa” from Theme Pack #7. The app will prompt you to install the Pack, or fall back to using the default font
  • to show the notification icons, the Notification Icons plugin needs to be installed
  • importing the 3rd theme will also prompt you to install our new Arc Pack, also available to beta testers at this moment.

Author: greg

the dev